*Text CHERRY to 68888 and get cheap rates on all your international calls

Totally outrageous savings when you Cherry Call from your mobile

If you thought Cherry Call was cheap, take a deep breath because, savings-fans, this new service is EVEN CHEAPER. Gadzooks, forsooth and hey nonny nonny! Our International Mobile Package guarantees you absolutely outrageous savings when you use your mobile regularly for international calls.

Here are just a handful of price-blasting examples to get your mouth watering: call Australia from your mobile for 2p a minute, the USA for 1.5p, Canada for 1p, India from 2p. Thailand 1.5p, Pakistan from 6p and Turkey from 4p.

And pause for a mo to compare these prices with what you’d pay with BT. For example, a call to India with BT from a landline would cost 60p a minute.

But with Cherry Call’s International Mobile Package you only pay 2 PENCE A MINUTE – a bingo bonanza bonzai saving of 58p a minute!

And if the price wasn’t enough, you’ve also got all the extra handy convenience of calling from your whenever-the-mood-takes-you mobile not your wired-to-the-wall landline.

Here’s how it works:

You simply pay us an upfront deposit of £5, which you pay by sending us a text from the mobile you want to use for your overseas calls.

Then you simply dial a special code before each overseas number to activate your discount call charges.

Itching to start saving? …

Here’s what to do to activate the service right now:

  1. Using your mobile phone, text the message CHERRY to 68888. You’ll be charged £5 for this text which is your pre-pay deposit for £5 worth of calls on the new service.
  2. Next call 0161 328 2820 from the same mobile phone you used to send the text message. (Calls to this number are included in your monthly minutes, or are charged at your mobile provider’s standard rate.)
  3. Once you run out of credit, you’ll need to re-text CHERRY to 68888 to continue using the service.

*Sorry, we are unable to process requests from Virgin Mobile customers

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