Cherry Calling Cards

Register with Cherry Call and make cheap international calls from any UK landline or mobile

Our new technology lets you make the cheapest international calls without needing a PIN.

Our rate for calling :

  • Calls to a landline: from 1p/min
  • Calls to a mobile: from 1p/min


Calls are charged per minute with a 5p connection fee.

Local Access: 0161 328 7777

0800 Access: 0800 021 9777 (Using our 0800 access number will add an extra 1p/min to our advertised rate when called from a landline and 3p/min when called from a mobile)

Advantages of an Account

  • No PINs to dial or remember
  • Speed Dial your 10 most called numbers
  • Works from all UK phones, regardless of network
  • Secure Payment Gateway and no credit checks
  • Share the access number with family members

Simply create an account (this will open in a new window), top up with PayPal, then dial one of our access numbers: