Cheap Calls to New Zealand

Cheap Calls to New Zealand

Buy a phone card via our secure payment gateway and make cheap calls to New Zealand from any UK landline or mobile.

Ordering is simple - just select the value of phone card you require and pop your details in to our quick form. On completing your order, you'll instantly receive a PIN from us to the email address you submit.

To Order, click on the phone card value you'd like to buy:

Our current rates:

  • Calls to a landline: 2p/min
  • Calls to a mobile: 5p/min

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Using the phone card

Choose an access number below, enter your PIN and then dial your overseas number, starting 00 in the normal way. When you have finished, hang up as normal, or dial ## to make further calls.

Landline access: 0161 328 2888

Freephone Access: 0800 021 9000 (incurs a 1p/min surcharge when called from a landline, and 4p/min when called from a mobile)

Charging information

  • Billing is in one minute increments, rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • There is a 5p connection fee for each call.
  • Cards expire 60 days after first call.

SagePay Secure Payment All card payments are taken through the SagePay Secure Payment Gateway. This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your payment is being handled securely and efficiently.

Cheap Calls to New Zealand

If you’re looking for the sweetest prices when calling friends and family in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Cherry Call, our cheap calls to New Zealand run at either 2p per minute when calling a landline, or 4p per minute when calling a mobile. When it comes to international calls to New Zealand, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better price than that. And with no registration or tricky small print, we’re confident that we have the best service around. Start catching up with your friends in New Zealand with Cherry Call today!

International Calls to New Zealand

There are several ways to make the most of our cheap overseas calls here at Cherry Call. The cheapest is using a landline – simply call 0843 716 4444, 0064, followed by the phone number of the person you want to talk to. You’ll be connected within seconds, and charged using your standard phone bill as normal – no fuss, no sweat, just an easy to use, convenient service.

If you want to call someone in New Zealand while on the move, you’ll have to get a phone card or top up by text. You can get a card emailed to you by topping up online today using our secure servers. All transactions on our site are transmitted using the SagePay Secure Gateway, so you know your details are safe. If you prefer to top up by text, simply text CHERRY to 68888 to get £5 of international call credit and a PIN code. Once you’ve done this you can call anyone in New Zealand, by dialling 0161 328 2820 + your PIN + the phone number starting in 0064.

At just 5p per minute to call a mobile in New Zealand, Cherry Call is definitely the way to go. You can call your friend standing on Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu and save £43.80 an hour compared to BT, discussing which country has the best names for the local hills.

That’s an impressive 73p per minute saved using Cherry Call!

Why Choose Cherry Call When Calling People in New Zealand?

Here at Cherry Call we don’t require you to register with us or waste time setting up an account – you can just start taking advantage of our super low prices whenever you’re ready. We love low cost international calls, and we’re committed to being the cheapest provider of international calls from the UK. We’re confident that we have the most unbeatable service, so why not give it a go, and give your friends a call?

If you have any questions about Cherry Call or how to use our service, please don’t hesitate to call on 0344 332 1444 and a member of our friendly team will be able to help you today.

Telephone numbers in New Zealand

 New Zealand landline phone numbers total eight digits excluding the leading 0: a one-digit area code, and a seven-digit phone number (e.g. 09 700 1234), beginning with a digit between 2 and 9 (but excluding 900, 911, and 999 due to misdial guards). There are five regional area codes: 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9. These must be dialled, along with the domestic trunk prefix, when calling a recipient outside the local calling area of which the caller is located. For example, one calling Dunedin from Christchurch must dial 03, even though Christchurch is 03 as well.  (source: wikipedia)

New Zealand Phone Codes

Area NameArea Code
Ashburton0064 + 3
Auckland0064 + 9
Blenheim0064 + 3
Christchurch0064 + 3
Dunedin0064 + 3
Gisborne0064 + 6
Gore0064 + 3
Hamilton0064 + 7
Hastings0064 + 6
Invercargill0064 + 3
Lyttelton0064 + 3
Marton0064 + 6
Masterton0064 + 6
Mobile0064 + 21,25,27,29
Napier0064 + 6
Nelson0064 + 3
New Plymouth0064 + 6
Palmerston North0064 + 6
Rotorua0064 + 7
Scott Base, Antartica (Ross Island)0064 + 2409
Taupo0064 + 7
Tauranga0064 + 7
Timaru0064 + 3
Waitangi (Chatham Island)0064 + 3
Wanganui0064 + 6
Wellington0064 + 4
Whangarei0064 + 9

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