Cheap Calls to North America

Make cheap international calls to North America including Canada for 1p/min and the USA for 2p/min.

Need a friend? Give them a ring

With modern technology at our fingertips, the world has become a much smaller place and staying in contact with friends and family overseas is incredibly easy through email and social media. However, nothing beats a good old fashioned phone call.

Hearing someone’s voice is far more personal than writing an email, and it can make it seem like they’re not so far away. Plus, there are times when you simply need to get hold of someone as quickly as possible; speaking on the telephone is crucial during these scenarios.

Cheap calls to North America

Making an international phone call used to be incredibly expensive, but we’re changing that at Cherry Call. You’d usually pay around 20p a minute when calling North America from a BT landline. That’s £6 for a simple 30 minute chat! We can offer cheap international calls to North America from just 1p per minute, so you can have a marathon catch up over the phone without breaking the bank.

Got friends or relatives who have moved overseas? Do you have a loved one travelling across the USA who you want to check in with every now and again? Are you in a long distance relationship? No matter what your circumstances, we can bring you closer to the people you care about with our cheap calls to North America.

How does it work?

We’ve managed to provide cheap international calls to North America through the power of the internet. When you want to contact someone with us, we route your call via our internet network. This means that we don’t have to use standard phone lines and can cut out the staggering standard bills which you’d normally rack up with a simple call overseas.

Our service can be used from both landlines and mobiles. You can buy a calling card online, text us to buy credit or set up an account to call from a landline; no matter which method you choose, you can enjoy cheap calls to North America and a lovely catch up with friends and family anytime, anywhere.