When you’re spending £50million on a footballer you need to watch every penny of your international phone calls budget

I know they give millions of people a huge amount of pleasure with their amusing hairstyles, bizarre full-body tattoos and acrobatic diving techniques. But are they really worth a salary of £350,000 a week?

Premier League footballers, I’m talking about.

I’m sure, despite their physical resemblance to those Orc chappies in Lord of the Rings, that they’re all jolly good blokes and nice to their mothers, but how can a football club expect to turn a profit when they’re forking out these monstrous salaries and transfer fees for someone who a) bites the opposition players or b) fails to score, week in, week out?

Thank goodness, then, that these hard-pressed clubs can at least save a huge amount on their phone calls to the players’ agents as they argy-bargy about their gigantic fees and salaries.

By using Cherry Call, of course.

If you’re spending a squillion on your latest slack-jawed, perma-tanned South American called Skunk or Rodney or something else equally ludicrous, then at least when you use Cherry Call you can relax in the knowledge your international phone calls are a proper bargain.

That’s because, whilst your average Premier League superstar spends his working day mostly crashing his brand-new, diamond-encrusted Lamborghini, yours truly and my fantastic team of telecoms boffins are constantly seeking new ways to save you money on your international phone calls.

Look at this lot for a kick-off…

Arranging a deal in Brazil? With Cherry Call you’ll pay just 1p a minute from a landline with Cherry Call. And that’s all day every day. If your negotiations take an hour you’ll save a gob-smacking (if I can use footballer-speak for a mo) £68.22 compared with using BT!

Trying to snap up one of Real Madrid’s second-string Spain internationals? Again, just 1p a minute with Cherry Call. That’s £17.04 cheaper per hour than BT!

Looking for an imposing Russian for the heart of your back four? Same deal, 1p a minute with Cherry Call. Saving you a massive £41.94 per hour vs BT.

All our very latest super-discounted calling rates are right here on the main website.

You can use Cherry Call to make calls to landlines and mobiles. There are a couple of brand-new price reductions on mobiles this week, too, see below.

Czech Republic Mobile Down to 1p
Germany Mobile Down to 2p
Luxembourg Mobile Down to 8p
Mayotte Mobile Down to 6p
Namibia Mobile Down to 6p


And naturally you can use Cherry Call to call from landlines or mobiles.

From a landline you simply dial a Cherry Call access number before your regular international number.

It’s a slightly different process to call from a mobile, as you have to buy £5 of upfront credit by text. But the savings are still spectacular.

All the instruction and per minute costs are on the website. Just click on the country you want to call.


Robin James  

Managing Director

(Formerly Holding Midfielder Bournemouth Town Under 9s Reserves)

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