“This year it seems only right and proper to have an austerity Christmas here at Cherry Call Towers”

To say that my team’s faces were picture-postcards of unabashed joy at my announcement yesterday is probably overstating it a little. My viper-tongued so-called PA Loretta, in particular, flashed me a look with those violet eyes of hers that would have stripped tarmac from the M25 in a thrice (whatever that is!).

“Oh, right. So just like last year then.” She added in a tone that, if one were being cynical, might be described as bordering on the contemptuous. (Note to self: check spelling.)

But, let’s face it, with George O regularly reminding us that the nation’s economy is still very much at the bottom of its upward curve to recovery it would seem wrong to festoon our state-of-the-art, high-tech work space with garlands and festive fripperies.

Yes, never let it be said that yours truly doesn’t have his finger firmly on the pulse of the British psyche thingy. That’s why, to make sure our lovely customers have as much dosh as possible to spend on gifts for their dearest and nearest this Christmas, we’ve had a jolly good look at our prices for international phone calls and have, yet again, managed to full a couple of crackers out of the hat to save you a fortune – especially for some of the less popular calling destinations.

Call overseas with BT, or the other big boys on the other hand, and you’ll have barely enough cash left for an economy past-its-sell-by-date mince pie and a glass of Norwegian cut-price sherry!

Yule love these new price reductions!

(Loretta, I know you hate puns, but be charitable: it’s the season of good will to all men especially he who pays your salary.) These are just a few of this month’s new price cuts. Remember, with Cherry Call you can call most of Europe and other major destinations for just 1p a minute (now including World Cup hosts, Brazil, in case you want to book your hotel for the final so you can see England lift the trophy). And all our prices apply all day every day.

Price per minute (pence not pounds!)

Country Price (pence)
Andorra Mobile 10
Anguilla 6
Anguilla Mobile 13.3
Australia Mobile 4
Belize 15.3
Belize Mobile 15.3
Brazil 1
Brazil Mobile 10
Cambodia 3
Cayman Islands 4
Cayman Islands Mobile 10
Chile Mobile 10
Grenada Mobile 13.3
Iran 2.5
Papua New Guinea 40.9
Paraguay 2
Philippines Mobile 7
Poland Mobile 1.5
Russia Mobile 9
Rwanda 18.4
Turkmenistan 7
Turkmenistan Mobile 7
Uzbekistan 4
Uzbekistan Mobile 4

To find the very latest per minute call rate for the country you want to call, just click here to go to the main website.

So if you’re in the mood for a chat with your chums in Chile, or a rant at your relatives in Russia, here’s what you do:

  • First you go the Cherry Call website to find the access code number for the country you want to call.
  • Dial this number before your normal international number
  • Wish all your pals and rellies a merry chrimble
  • The call shows up on your bill as the Cherry number you dialled first

Which only leaves me with the very pleasant job of wishing all our customers a splendid christmas and a spectacularly lovely new year.

Now, Loretta, please fish the tree out of the executive washroom broom cupboard and get cracking with the decorations. What do you reckon, one bauble or two?

Robin James
MD Cherry Call

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