Where in the world is Tokelau?

(Or how Cherry Call can get you chatting cheaply with even the farthest flung corners of the world)…

Well, Cherry Chums, here at Cherry Towers we like to think of ourselves as chaps of the world (and chappesses, too, naturally).

And this morning, when I saw that we’d managed to reduce another load of destinations to chortlingly low call-rates – such as calls to Austrian mobiles down to 6p a minute, Bangladesh Sylhet down to 2p, Finland down to 2.5p, Peru now just a penny and so on – I wasn’t in the least bit surprised. There really isn’t an easier way to save yourself a packet on overseas calls.

But one of our latest price chop destinations caught my eye in no uncertain manner.


Not so much because its price has plummeted by a toothsome 5p a minute but, well, to be honest, cards on the table, fessing up, caught bang to rights and so on…

…I’d never heard of it. Had no idea where it was. Couldn’t have told you whether it was in the West Indies or the Home Counties.

Knowing how all our Cherry chums are, like me, gluttons for a tasty fact they can keep in the bank of their bulging bonces for the next pub quiz, I blew the dust off the Cherry Atlas and had a gander.

And thar she blows!

A pinprick in the Pacific, 500km north of Samoa: three tiny coral islands a mere 11 kilometres square, and less than 200 metres wide! A New Zealand dependency and famous (ish) for basket weaving and cricket.

So never let it be said that reading the latest Cherry Call newsletter isn’t an educational experience. And talking of being taught a lesson…

Give BT the big E

If you’ve used BT for an international call recently, you’ll no doubt have come away from the experience thinking “Never again. I can’t believe how much that short chat with Auntie Agatha in Oz cost me.”

Upsetting isn’t it? That’s why when you use Cherry Call you take BT’s international network out of the equation.

Your call is simply diverted round our own internet network so we don’t have to you know who’s exorbitant rates and therefore, Cherry chums, neither do you.

Which, in many cases, means you pay a couple of pence rather than a couple of quid.

Give those Tokelausians a call

Five easy-as-pie steps is all it takes to get connected and start saving. You just dial a special Cherry Call code before your normal international number.

  1. Go to CherryCall.co.uk to find the Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call or click here now.
  2. When you call you’ll hear a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number
  3. Dial the full international number, including the international dialling code that begins with zero zero.
  4. You’re through!

Call Tokelau with Cherry and you’ll save a stunning £1.65 a minute – yes, a MINUTE – compared with BT!!

All of which goes to show that, wherever you want to call, however far-flung and off the beaten path, you can do it cheaper with Cherry Call.

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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