Welcome to the World’s greatest sporting jamboree, the London you-know-whats

Here we are, hearts all aflutter, chests pumped out with national pride as the biggest global sports event of our times finally arrives in our capital. Yes, at last, it’s the London Oh No We’re Not Allowed to Mention Its.

Who could think of a better reason to get on the blower and call your chums in China, your pals in Patagonia, your mates in Morocco than the 2012 London thingamabobbies?

It’s the event where all nations are equal, where the world is united, where hands meet across the divide in a joyous celebration of personal endeavour and old-fashioned patriotism, where smiles are unbounded, where you’re frogmarched off the premises if you’re caught drinking the wrong brand of fizzy pop.

Our personal best

However, let’s not be bitter.

Here at CherryCall we can’t afford to be a big posh sponsor of the Shhhh You Know Whats. We pride ourselves on providing international phone calls at just a fraction of the price imposed by the big boys, so naturally we don’t have the spare dosh to fling about on such mega-marketing.

We divert our customers’ calls around our voip network so they don’t have to pay the silly rates that BT and their ilk demand. (What is an ilk, by the way? Mental note: ask Loretta de Cerise, my personal assistant, to look it up.)

In fact, our international call rates are laughably low, compared to theirs.

Like 1p a min

Beat that you big boys! Take a gander for yourself, be my guest. See what we charge, and see what they charge. But tread lightly, you may find the following somewhat shocking…

  • Argentina – 1p per minute with us, 97p with BT
  • Australia – 1p a min with us 28.8p with BT
  • Brazil – 1p with us 101.8p with BT
  • Canada – 1p with us, 19.4p with BT
  • Croatia – 1p with us, 50.5p with BT
  • Denmark – 1p with us, 23.6p with BT
  • Estonia – 1p with us, 60p with BT
  • France & Germany – 1p with us, 22p with BT
  • Hong Kong – 1p with us, 13.5p with BT
  • India – 1p with us, 29.9p with BT
  • Israel – 1p with us, 63p with BT
  • Latvia – 1p with us, 60p with BT
  • Malaysia – 1p with us, 48.5p with BT
  • New Zealand – 1p with us, 37.2p with BT
  • Pakistan – 1p with us, 29.9p with BT
  • Poland – 1p with us, 32.5p with BT
  • USA – 1p with us, 18.3p with BT

And Cherry Call rates apply all day every day, to boot. None of this ‘oh you need to call at 3 am on a Wednesday to get that rate, madam’ malarkey.

We can’t promise 1p a min to everywhere you care to mention, but we can promise you’ll save a flaming fortune compared with the big phone companies.

Team CC

Here’s how to get these super savings right now:

  • Get the special Cherry Call access number to ring for the country you want to call. You can start by clicking here, if you like!
  • Dial this number and listen out for a charming voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number
  • Now dial your full international number, including the international dialling code starting with 00, exactly as if you were making your call normally
  • Talk for as long as you like, whenever you like, hang up.

When your next bill arrives, your CherryCall call will show as the CherryCall access number you dialled in step one.

And don’t forget, you can use CherryCall to make huge savings from your mobile too. Click here for more on this: cheap international calls from your mobile.

Enjoy the O******s and best wishes from me and the rest of Team CherryCall.

Robin James
MD Cherry Call

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