Vote Cherry! Introducing my Manifesto for Mobiles.

I don’t know about you, dear reader but, quite frankly, I’m starting to get a bit sick of hearing Dave, Nick, Ed, Nige and Nicola blathering on about how they’re offering the best package for Working People in the UK. Is it me or has the election campaign started to resemble a playground squabble between five year olds? My economy package is better than yours! No it isn’t. Yes it is. No mine’s more balanced. No it isn’t. Nyah Nyah!

Thank goodness, then, that with Cherry Call international calls from your mobile you know exactly what you’re getting.

More importantly you know what you’re NOT getting: the stupidly, ridiculously, shockingly high international call charges that your mobile network forces you to stump up for.

And unlike the empty promises of our red, blue, yellow and purple political chums out there, you can read the actual, financial, straight-ahead facts about my Mobile Manifesto in black and white. All our international mobile charges are right here.

No spin, no weasely words, nothing but fantastic savings on every international call that Britain’s working people want today…(pause for cheers from ecstatic supporters with fixed grins waving cardboard placards reading Choose Cherry!).

And of course it wouldn’t be a proper manifesto without some brand-new savings. This month we’ve chopped down the cost of mobile calls to literally stacks of destinations:

Brazil…down to 1p a minute

Bulgaria…down to 1p a minute

Chile mobiles…down to 1p a minute

China mobiles…down to 1p a minute

Denmark mobiles…also down to 1p a minute

French Guiana mobiles…down to 5p a minute

Germany mobiles…down to 2p a minute

Italy landlines…down to 1p a minute

Latvia mobiles…down to 1.5p a minute

Mexico…down to 1p a minute

Pakistan mobiles…down to 6p a minute


Needless to say, this is all fully-costed and deliverable by…

“Robin, the election thing is starting to wear a bit thin now. You’re starting to sound like a politician yourself.”

That will be the shrill voice of my so-called PA, Loretta, piping up in her inimitable way. She may have a point, but when you’re fighting for every penny in working people’s pockets, you become driven. You battle with every fibre in your body to bring working people the savings they demand on their international calls. And that’s why I Robin James stand before the nation today to promise every one of you more savings, more…

“ROBIN. Enough. Calm down. Just tell them how to get the savings.”

Ah, yes, good point. To use Cherry Call from your mobile it’s super-simple. You just send us a text, we give you five pounds of calling credit and a PIN number to access our service whenever the urge grabs you. Obviously it takes forever to use up your fiver at these rates – but when you do, just text us for a topup. And, by the way, we’ll never automatically do this.

But because we’re the party, sorry company, of fairness and flexibility (except when it comes to trying to get Loretta to do a bit of after-hours filing!) we don’t just offer massive savings on mobile calls.

Check out our latest landline rates here and don’t forget our pre-pay online calling card packages too: right now you can pay £5 and get £6 worth of calls. That’s a whole extra hour of free calls to all our 1p a minute destinations.

And the best bit of all. You don’t have to wait til next Thursday to make your choice. Choose Cherry! And do it right now.


Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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