Tips for Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad

Travel was once quite complicated. Once you touched down in the UK, it wasn’t just the language barrier that gave you pause. You also had to worry about your communication options.

You were often forced to rely on the kindness of strangers. And if they failed you, then you had to hope that a payphone was just around the corner. Smartphones were supposed to change all that.

But how many horror stories have you heard of hapless travellers who left the country for a week, only to return home with a massive phone bill? This happens all the time.

People don’t really know how to use their phones when they are in the UK. At Cherry Call, we do what we can to provide effective solutions but people forget about us the moment they land in the UK.

And that is to be expected, especially for individuals who are travelling to the UK for the first time. Once the sights and sounds of your exotic vacation destination begin to assault you, no one will blame you for suddenly choosing to make a phone call back home because you can’t wait to brag about all your exciting adventures.

It pays to apply caution, though. Even though it feels like the rules governing international phone calls keep changing, there are some variables you can always rely on to protect your sanity and your bank account, tips that could help you better manoeuvre international communication.

They include the following:


Before you can start worrying about potential phone bills accumulated as a result of expensive international calls, you need to make sure that you can actually make international calls.

You don’t want to touch down in the UK where you have neither friends nor fellow countrymen, only to realise that your device can’t actually make calls to abroad.

This shouldn’t worry you if you have smartphones that include calls to UK landline numbers in your phone package, then you would be able to use the special Cherry Call access number that we offer for making calls to virtually every destination around the world. But if there’s uncertainty surrounding your phone’s capabilities, consult a professional. Make sure your mobile device is enabled to make calls!


In some cases, your phone technician might encourage you to have your phone unlocked. Of course, you have the option of using your phone company’s roaming services and paying their hefty fees.

But if you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider unlocking your phone. This will allow you to dial our access number and buy calling credits at cheap rates, to make international calls.

International Call Provider

This goes back to the point mentioned above. Surf the internet for a cheap call service provider. Unlike most providers that force you to use the internet or apps, this is completely different with Cherry Call. All you need to do to buy £5 of calling credit is dial 090 4446 4444.  This call will cost you £5 (plus your phone providers’ access charge).

Then dial our access number 0161 328 2828.  This number will be included in any free minutes you have allows you to make cheap calls to over 180 countries.

You will quickly find that our rates are much cheaper than your phone company’s roaming charges or other call service providers.

Please take note that our cheap call services can only be accessible from the UK


The internet has simplified communication in so many ways. You must learn to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi that you will most likely encounter in public settings in the UK such as the airport.

You have to be careful. Public Wi-Fi isn’t exactly encrypted. But if you’re willing to take the risk, the Wi-Fi at your destination’s Airport will enable you to keep in touch with your friends and family back home for free. However, if you are the type that takes privacy and security as a priority, then Cherry Call is at your doorstep to offer you rates that won’t shake your account balance.

Communication in the modern era is like a game. If you know all the rules, you will quickly find that there are always clever ways to minimise your expenditure.

If you are interested in our cheap call packages, please feel free to give us a call on 0344 332 1444 or visit our homepage.

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