Tick! Yet another nation joins the not-very-exclusive-anymore CherryCall 0.5p a minute club…

We titans of telecomms barely have time to pause for breath. Our relentless, selfless quest for still more reductions on the price of international phone calls means that leisure-time is a distant memory. Days off are a misty pipe-dream. Lie-ins and early nights are something strictly reserved for the less driven members of the business community.

Which is why I’m always on the look-out for new nations to invite into the very special club whose members are the countries you can phone – with CherryCall – for a miserley 0.5p a minute.

Members of the half a pee club already included Canada, France, Ireland, CyprusHungary, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Mexico and Venezuela. (The boffins have asked me to tell you to click on the country’s name to find out more.)

So on Saturday evening I found myself in our sitting room with Mrs J, the economy-sized angel in human form who has the doubtful honour of sharing my name.

As usual, her muscled, tattooed hands hands were clamped defiantly around the television remote control. (It’s a brave soul who attempts to impose their viewing preferences on Mrs J, I can tell you. Nobody has yet lived to tell the tale.) Her good eye (the green one) was focussed on the flickering screen of the old 32” Trinitron.

Naturally, my own grey matter was awhirr with telecomms tribulations. But Mrs J’s attention was seemingly gripped by a programme which, at a glance, seemed to involve some clapped-out old showbiz types with revolving chairs listening to a motley crew of warbling children with amusing headgear.

She was grumbling and muttering under her breath. Not unusual, I admit, but politeness (my one weakness) forced me to ask what was upsetting her.

“Listen to this one, Robin. Isn’t this singer poor? She can hardly hold a note for…”

“I’m sorry, dearest, what did you say?”

“ARE YOU DEAF? I SAID ISN’T THIS SINGER POOR? She’s rubbish, she sounds like…”

Singer poor? SINGAPORE! Of course! A perfect place for a CherryCall half a pee phone call!

Within moments I was on the line to the boffins ordering them in my firm but caring way to curtail their Saturday night revels and get on the Singapore case.

No sooner said than done, dear customer! You can now call the aforementioned peninsular state for a mere half a pence a min. Click here to find out more.

And as with all our call rates, the half a pee rate applies all day every day. No penalties with CherryCall for calling at peak times (unlike some telecomms giants beginning with B and ending with T that I hesitate to give publicity to.) And neither are there penalties for chatting on with your Singaporean chums for more than an hour. You can chat for days as far as I’m concerned, we’ll still only charge you a half penny a minute.

And if we weren’t being generous enough already with 0.5p calls to landlines, you can also call Singapore mobiles for exactly the same price.

Even easier, it’s the same CherryCall access code for both: 0843 825 4444

Just dial this number before your regular Singapore number. And that means the whole number, zero zero international code included.

And before you can say “Gadzooks I’m saving over 24p every single minute by using CherryCall!” you’ll be chatting away with Singapore.


Robin James

Managing Director

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