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Attention Cherry Callers, we’re back again with another instalment of Cherry Call News and once again we’ve got a cracker for you!

There’s been a lot of hype around George Osbourne and his magic red suitcase over the past few weeks and many families have been worried about how they may feel the pinch of further austerity measures, but fear not! While Mr Osbourne and his chums have been checking down the sides of the plush Chesterfields for a few forgotten coins and trying to find new ways to reduce our great country’s spending, I, Robin James, MD of Cherry Call, supplier of ridiculously cheap international calls by appointment to HM The Queen (OK, so I made that last bit up, though I’m sure we’d save her a fortune on all those calls to foreign dignitaries!) have pulled off what the Tories could merely dream of… cuts that the entire population of the United Kingdom will be happy with!

After many late nights and a few sweat-inducing haggling sessions in Sotho and Amharic we’ve excelled ourselves and brought you 45… yes 45 price reductions!

These little beauties are all down to just 13.3p per min*…

Afghanistan and Afghanistan Mobile
Anguilla Mobile
Aruba Mobile
Barbados Mobile
Benin and Benin Mobile
Burkina Faso
Dominica Mobile
Ecuador Mobile
El Salvador and El Salvador Mobile
Equatorial Guinea Mobile
Ethiopia Mobile
Faroe Islands Mobile
French Polynesia
Ghana and Ghana Mobile
Grenada Mobile
Iraq Mobile
Jamaica Mobile
Lesotho and Lesotho Mobile
Liechtenstein Mobile
Malawi Mobile
Montserrat Mobile
New Caledonia
Niger and Niger Mobile
Palestine Mobile
Qatar Mobile
St Lucia Mobile
St Pierre and Miquelon and St Pierre and Miquelon Mobile
Suriname Mobile
Trinidad and Tobago Mobile
Uganda and Uganda Mobile

And to top it all off, you can call our Guinness loving cousins in Ireland on their mobiles for… 3p per min!*

So whether you’re in sunny Scarborough or breezy Bristol, you can take advantage of the same great rates to call your friends and family in lands afar!

‘I don’t think we should lure our readers into a false sense of security, Robin. Scarborough’s not always sunny. I went there last summer with my sister Glenda and we were eating our ice cream in the drizzle.’

Great, I thought we were going to get through a whole instalment of news without my so-called PA, Loretta, putting in her two penn’orth but it would appear not!

I’ve just pointed dear Loretta in the direction of my shiny new sign which is hanging perfectly in the middle of the office wall, displaying the welcomed words ‘Ssssh, people are working!’. It seems to have done the trick, albeit with an eye roll!

Until next time faithful reader, go forth and enjoy your Cherry Calls!


Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call



*Plus your call provider’s access charge.

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