Thank goodness our MD won’t be reading this

If you’re a regular reader of the CherryCall newsletter you’ll know that our beloved (HA!) Managing Director, Robin James, is temporarily indisposed at a rest home for the bewildered, somewhere near Skegness…

So it is myself, Loretta, his overworked and seriously underpaid PA whose jotting the newsletter again this month.

Robin’s doctors have stressed how important it is that he doesn’t get over-excited during his treatment so I won’t be CCing this note to him, packed as it is with brand new and brilliant savings on the cost of international phone calls to mobiles.

(They had to turn the telly off when he got a little hot under the collar watching the sheep dog trials in an old video of One Man and His Dog last week, and started whistling loudly at the other residents, so you can imagine what reading about such sensational money-saving opportunities might do to him in his delicate state.)

It’s just as well he won’t be reading this, actually, as, to be honest, I’m writing this on my iPad in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. Robin wouldn’t understand that, for the modern executive, your tablet is your office. The only tablets he understands are the ones they’re giving him three times a day before his meals.

To be fair, however, Robin’s always telling us we should expand our horizons, extend our ambitions, challenge the norm, go out and see the world etc etc in order to stimulate our brains to dream up new ways to save money for our customers.

So I pulled a few strings with my chum Charlie Forbes-Lister and he’s managed to get me and our resident uber-boffin Mr Yashimoto these rather spot-on seats on Centre Court. LOL!

And do you know what. Robin was right. (There’s a first time for everything, as they say!) We were sitting here surrounded by chaps and gals from every nation on earth all clutching their mobiles and tablets. (And in some cases using them to film stuff. Yes, I’m looking at you Mr Mo Farah!)

And it came to me that practically everyone uses mobiles all the time now when they’re overseas, like all the foreign fans here at Wimbledon. So I suggested to Mr Yashimoto that we should make a bit of extra effort this month to save money on customers’ calls to overseas mobiles.

No sooner said than done, Ms de Cerise, he said. And ta-dah!, we’ve brought in a whole load of fab savings on calls to mobiles like these bad boys below:

  • Argentina Mobile – Down to 7p a minute
  • Bulgaria Mobile Down to 4p a minute
  • Cambodia Mobile Down to 3p a minute
  • Cyprus Mobile Down to 2.5p a minute
  • Denmark Mobile Down to 2p a minute
  • Ireland Mobile Down to 5p a minute
  • Italy Mobile Down to 5p a minute
  • Japan Mobile Down to 6p a minute
  • Macao Mobile Down to 4p a minute
  • Netherlands Mobile Down to 2.5p a minute
  • Slovakia Mobile Down to 9p a minute
  • South Africa Mobile Down to 4p a minute

To call an overseas mobile it’s no different from calling an overseas landline. You just go to the CherryCall website and find a special code for the country you want to call.

Then just dial this number before the international mobile number. To find the CherryCall code for the mobile you need to call CLICK HERE.

Meanwile, Mr Y and I are seeking further inspiration. It’s a tough job being the stand-in MD and Head of Innovation, but someone’s got to do it.

Another glass of Pimm’s Mr Yashimoto? Now, where did I put Robin’s credit card…

Loretta de Cerise
PA to Robin James and head of brilliant money-saving ideas

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