Surely it can’t be four years already?

When every waking hour becomes a working hour, struggling to find yet more global opportunities for astonishing price reductions on international phone calls for the good folk of Britain, time does indeed tend to fly.

Only last night I was jotting down a few target countries that we hadn’t cut the call rates to for a while (see below) in the margin of my Daily Telegraph, a glass of dry sherry at my side (Tesco Finest Albanian) when my cogitations were interrupted by the distinctive (and somewhat frightening) sound of Mrs J’s snoring alerting me to the fact that it was way past a normal person’s hour for retiring.

(Mrs J’s snoring is once heard, never forgotten. Somewhere between a jumbo jet with a full load taking off in a hurry and a hippopotamus bemoaning the death of its favourite mate. I had an awful battle just before Xmas trying to calm down our neighbour who complained to the council that we were keeping wild animals in cruel and inhumane conditions.)

So I have no argument in the time moving like an arrow stakes. But even the James brain, size XL, can barely compute that four years have passed since the last time the entire nation was united in that bizarre display of mass English hysteria called The World Cup.

It seems barely days since the mournful cry of England’s followers could be heard from every pub window: Come On England, Come On England. How strangely sad it always sounds. A poignant mixture of despair and hope, I suppose.

But, nevertheless, love it or loathe it, TWC is here again. And, to be honest, anything that makes my customers think of telephoning their chums around the globe is all right by me.

So if you’re enjoying Holland v Australia next Wednesday, say, and think “By jove, haven’t had a chinwag with me old mate Annie from Amsterdam for yonks..” you’ll need to know that, with Cherry Call you can call her on her mobile for only 2p a minute. Do the same with BT and it’ll cost you 49p for the very same 60 seconds!

And with Cherry Call you can talk to Annie for as long as you want, at any time, on any day.

Here’s a few of this week’s price cuts. I’d love to show them all but I seem to have run out of space somehow. But naturally they’re all on the main Cherry Call website HERE.


Angola down to  4p   BT 106p

Austria mobile down to  2p       BT 59p

Bangladesh down to  3p     BT 55p

Czech Republic mobile down to 1.5p     BT 34p

French Guiana down to 1p     BT 141p

Italy mobile down to 2p     BT 53p

Japan mobile down to 4p     BT 38p

Latvia down to  45p     BT 63p

Lithuania mobile down to 2p         BT 87p

Mongolia down to 2p     BT 166p

Netherlands mobile down to 2p     BT 49p

South Africa down to 1p         BT 70p

Venezuela mobile down to 2p     BT 124p


Robin James

Managing Director

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