A spring-clean for our website heralds another stunning raft of price reductions…

When you’re running an international telecommunications empire like Cherry Call – and dedicating every working hour to reducing the cost of international phone calls from landlines and mobiles to practically every country in the world – you have very little time for worrying about what tie you’re wearing, which pair of cavalry twill trousers to select, or what colour hanky to stuff in your Harris Tweed pocket.

Most days, yours truly will leap from the James four-poster at the very crack of dawn and throw on whatever threads fall to hand – with fingers crossed they don’t offend the eye of the casual observer too badly.

(Naturally, trying one’s best not to wake Mrs J if at all poss. She can sometimes be what you might call ‘crochety’ in the early A.M, to be honest. I still have the bruises from last Wednesday. Amazing how much damage a clock-radio can do when it’s thrown at full force by a well-upholstered middle-aged lady recently roused from a deep slumber.)

“Are you saying you normally get dressed in the dark, Robin? That explains A LOT!”

Ahh, yes.  That will be Loretta piping up in her inimitable manner. You can always rely on my viper-tongued, so-called PA, to inject a little venom into the conflab.

To say that her idea of being ‘dressed’ is somewhat at odds with my own is an understatement. Half her ‘clothes’ barely cover her upper torso and her skirts hardly contain enough fabric to cover a malnourished mole.

But my point (and there is one) is this.

Although my own personal appearance is of little matter to me, never let it be said that I have the same devil-may-care attitude towards the Cherry Call website.

In a cutting-edge industry like ours it’s vital that it’s smart, it’s fast, and so easy to use that even Loretta could look up the gobsmackingly cheap price of a call to China.

So we’ve given the site a good-old makeover. It’s slicker, it’s easier and it looks quite stunning. Take a look.

And to celebrate, we’ve managed to reduce a big-old lump of our prices too. With special attention this month to some of the less popular – and often more expensive therefore –destinations. Here’s a snapshot. They’re all pence per minute, 24/7:

  Down to:
Afghanistan Mobile 13.3p
Azerbaijan Mobile 20.4p
Bahrain Mobile 4p
Guatemala 9p
Hungary Mobile 2.5
Liechtenstein Mobile 25.5
Lithuania Mobile 4p
Reunion Mobile 4p
Samoa 30.6p
St Kitts and Nevis Mobile 15.3p
St Lucia Mobile 15.3p
Suriname 8p
Syria Mobile 9p
Uruguay 3p


To get all the latest prices, just click here.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a gander at the brand-new site. Even Loretta was forced to admit it was “Seriously Sexy!”  With this latest redesign the Cherry digital boffins have done us proud yet again.

(But shhhhhh, don’t tell them I said so. They’ll want more money.)


Robin James
Managing Director

PS I’ve just heard that while our prices for international calls are coming down, those rascals at BT are actually putting theirs up! 

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