Spill the beans, Loretta, where did you get the new trainers?

When I strolled into Cherry Towers this week I saw at a glance that there was something afoot. On a foot, to be precise. Brand new ‘trainers’, as I believe they’re called.

And not just adorning the already shapely ankles of my glamorous assistant Loretta de Cerise either, but on almost everyone in the office. And shiny new hoodies to boot.

Not to mention the large boxes of flat screen tellies and suchlike dotted around the place.

There was only one conclusion to be drawn. Yes, my beloved workforce had finally read my blogs and started using Cherry Call for all their international calls.

And with the huge dollops of dosh they’d saved in the process they were now able to afford a whole host of new gizmos, gadgets and garish gear.


Thank goodness the penny has finally dropped with them! There’s serious loot to be saved simply by dialling a little numberette before you make your international phone call.

And talking of a penny, here are just a few of the countries you can call for just that… one penny a minute gets you gabbing to all these countries:

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Belgium
  5. Brazil
  6. Canada
  7. China
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. France
  11. Denmark
  12. Cyprus
  13. Estonia
  14. Croatia
  15. Columbia
  16. Mexico
  17. Poland
  18. Portugal
  19. Ireland
  20. Italy
  21. Israel
  22. Peru
  23. Norway
  24. New Zealand
  25. Morocco
  26. Malaysia
  27. USA
  28. Spain
  29. Russia
  30. South Korea
  31. Singapore
  32. Thailand
  33. Turkey
  34. Sweden

…and many more!

Startling as it may be, you can call any of the above, any time, any day, for just 1p a minute!

If the country you want to call isn’t shown, you can whiz to the Cherry Call website by simply CLICKING HERE.

It might cost you a little bit more than 1p a minute but you’ll still be saving a flipping fortune compared with BT and their big business chums.

Daylight robbery

One has to agree with the PM on this one. There’s something fundamentally at fault with the dear old UK when people can get away with daylight robbery day in day out with the full knowledge of our law enforcement services. How on earth BT have got away with their international call charges for so long is beyond me, I’m afraid.

However, this isn’t the place for an in-depth discussion of the failing morals of modern Britain. This is the place for saving epic amounts of moolah on your calls to folks around the globe.


  1. Go to CherryCall.co.uk to get the special Cherry Call access number to ring for the country you want to call or click here
  2. Dial the number and you’ll hear a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number
  3. Dial the full international number, including the international dialling code starting with 00 (zero zero).
  4. Chat away!

To make it even more of a doddle, there are absolutely no PINs to remember, no sign-ups or passwords.

When your phone bill arrives, the call will appear on your bill as usual but the number dialled will simply show as the Cherry Call code you dialled first.

Blackberrys ready!

And lest you forget, you can get magnificent Cherry Call style savings from your mobile too.

For example, call Australia for 2p a minute, the USA and Spain for 1p a minute, France, Italy, Germany and Poland for 1.5p, India for 3p. Thailand 1.5p, Pakistan 8p and Turkey from 2p. Click here to find out more about cheap international calls from your mobile.

Robin James
MD Cherry Call

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