Our Soaraway Super Summer Saver Sale Selection!

Call me old-fashioned (and I’m sure the bright young things of Cherry Call will be happy to oblige with no further prompting) but I can clearly remember a time, not so long ago, when shops only had sales twice a year.

Once in January, to get rid of all the unwanted novelty dancing Santas and horrendous reindeer-infested knitwear that people seem to like buying in the media-driven frenzy that is Christmas in Britain.

And then another at the end of Summer at which point one could pick up a natty floral pair of shorts or slightly damaged yet still jaunty Panama hat for, as they say, a song.

But now, venture into any high street and you’ll find SALE signs popping up just about every other week it seems to me.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. When you’ve built a massively popular telecoms empire entirely on the idea of offering super-cheap international calls, it would be downright hypocritical of James R to have a pop at my fellow tradesfolk for banging out a few bargains now and then.

In fact, it seemed almost rude for us not to join in. That’s why we got our well-worn thinking caps on over the weekend in our new local, The Mackerel and Couscous, and came up with our own extra-special summer sale offer…

The Cherry Call Soaraway Super Summer Saver Sale Selection

Buy a Cherry Call ‘calling card’ using our new online ordering service and we’ll give you 20% extra calls FOR FREE!

The online ordering service is a new way to get super-cheap international calls from Cherry Call. You buy £5, £10 or £25 worth of calls at our online shop and simply enter a special PIN every time you want to make an international call – from your mobile or your landline. When your credit’s all gone you just buy another.

And right now you’ll get an extra 20% of calls on top, for free. So buy a £5 card and you get £6 of calls. Buy a £10 one and you get £12 of calls…and so on.

There are loads of extra price reductions this month too. Call Australia mobiles for 6p a minute, Czech Republic mobiles and landlines for just 2.5p, Indonesia for 6p, Japan for 3p, Latvia for 2.5p, New Zealand mobiles for 4p, South Africa for 2p, Turkey for 4p. So with 20% extra free you can call them for longer and more often!

You can find out all about this rather excellent new Cherry Call service just here.

Even better, we promise not to make you carry a “I only shop at Cherry Call when it’s the Sale carrier bag” like all those posh clothes shops seem to do.


Robin James

Managing Director

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