A slice of birthday cake?

Happy birthday to us, happy savings to you, happy birthday to u-us, happy savings to you! Altogether now…

Dear Money-saving Chum,

Break out the jam sponge, get that whopping great candle lit! Can it really be a whole year since we launched Cherry Call? A year since we set out our super-discounted international calls stall? A year since we invited the world (and his lovely wife) to join us in giving a massive rude sign to dear old BT and their massively inflated international call charges?

And talking of candles…

BT can’t hold a candle to our overseas call prices. Our prices started startlingly, sensationally small last May… and, quite remarkably, they’ve continued to tumble…

…for a tiny 1.5p a minute you can Cherry Call Belgium, Denmark, Greece, France, Spain, Italy and Norway.

Further afield, you can call Pakistan for just 2.5p a minute…India for 4p… the USA for just one penny a minute…talk to Turkey for 2p … call Saudi Arabia for 7p and chat to China or Australia for only 1.5p.

The cherry on the Cherry Call cake

If making all these giant savings on your good ol’ landline wasn’t enough, don’t forget that you can Cherry Call from your mobile, public phone boxes and even phones where international calls are barred.

Sometimes we wonder if we’re just a teeny weeny bit too generous! (But don’t worry, it soon passes!)

Get a slice of the savings-action

Here’s how to start saving:

  • Go to CherryCall.co.uk to find the special Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call.
  • Make a note of this number, then use it whenever you want to make a cheap international call.
  • When you call you’ll hear a second dialling tone.
  • Now just dial your full international number in the normal way, including the international dialling code that begins with zero zero.
  • Start saving

For example: to Cherry Call a number in Hong Kong you just dial 0843 717 4444 then 00852 plus eg 123456. And you’ll pay just 2p a minute at any time of the day. Make the same call via BT and you’ll pay an extra 10p, every minute. The Cherry Call will appear on your bill in the normal way, but the number dialled will show as 0843 717 4444 and the cost will be teeny weeny.

It’s a cracker!

Cherry Call can brings you these gift-wrapped savings because we divert your call via our own internet network. This means we don’t have to pay to use BT’s expensive international phone lines and therefore we can pass on the massive savings to you.

Thanks to all our supporters for making our first year such a success. Here’s to another great year of savings for every one of you!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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