To Russia with love

We seem to be looking down the barrel of a gun. A man with a dinner jacket walks on, spins on his heels, fires a single shot from a small automatic pistol, probably a Walther PPK. Red stuff, blood we assume, drips down across the screen. As a familiar electric guitar refrain begins we hear the vaguely Scottish burr of his voice…

“The name’s Call, Cherry Call…”

Sorry, I was getting rather carried away with my daydreaming there…now where was I?

Ah yes! I was meant to be telling you that calls to Russian mobiles with Cherry Call are now down to an eye-brow twitching 4p a minute.

So, if you need to call the evil, horribly scarred and downright psychopathic leader of a secret international crime organisation who’s sitting there in his big black chair stroking his little white cat, Cherry Call is the chap to get you chatting.

Smersh and grab

And talking about huge evil empires whose only mission is to part the innocent from their hard-earned dosh, imagine what BT would charge you to call a mobile in Russia?

Actually, it’s best not to think about it, anger can be a dangerous thing when you have your Walther PPK oiled and loaded in your shoulder holster.

We’d be a rather hopeless organisation if we only did super-cheap calls to Russia, though, wouldn’t we! Naturally, with Cherry Call, you can call just about everywhere in the world for just a tiny fraction of what you’d pay with BT.

Save a pretty moneypenny

Here are just a few more of our latest penny-pinching marvels:

  1. Argentina — just a penny a minute
  2. Australia — just a penny a minute
  3. Austria — ditto
  4. Bahrain — and again, just a penny to landlines
  5. Bangladesh — just 2.5p a minute to landines and mobiles
  6. Belgium — just 1p a minute
  7. Well that’s just a few of the As and Bs, let’s not labour the point. If you want to see how much –or how little – we’ll charge you for your overseas call you need to whiz to our website. Click here to go there faster than you know who can unclip a lady’s brassiere.

00 heaven

Do pay attention…

  1. All you have to do is go to our website and get the secret code number to ring for the country you want to call. Memorise it.
  2. Dial the number and you’ll hear a mysterious voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number. No names, no questions.
  3. Now dial the full international number, including the international dialling code starting with 00 (double oh – you didn’t expect it to be anything else did you?)
  4. You don’t need a pin, a password, an account. Of course not!
  5. After you’ve arranged your rendezvous under the fourth arch of the bridge in Prague, gently put the receiver down, opening bottle of priceless champagne with your other hand, and carry on seducing man/woman of your choice. Simple.

How does this work, R?

Our boffins deep in the Cherry Call underground bunker press a load of buttons with red flashing lights and sirens to divert your call via our own internet network, missing out BT’s super-expensive one. Devilishly cunning or what?

MD of Cherry Call

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