Remember remember the 5th of November…

When overseas calls rates were bonkers
But click onto Cherry
And soon you’ll be merrily
Chatting to Sydney and Honkers

If you’re used to paying full whack for your international phone calls, and thereby filling to overflowing the greedy coffers of BT and their ilk, then take heart dear friend!

A revolution is afoot!

Start making your international calls via Cherry Call right now and you’ll save yourself a whopping fortune, instantly.

A bunch of sparklers

Lots of people know Cherry Call as the international call service BT would prefer you not to know about!

Hardly surprising when you take even the most cursory of glances at the savings you can make…

  • Australia 1.5p a minute all day every day to chat to Sydney – save 22.5p a minute compared with BT
  • Hong Kong 1p – talk to a Honkers mobile for only 1p a minute!
  • Canada 1p a minute – or save over 23p a minute v BT
  • Germany 1p a minute – save 17p a minute v BT
  • Romania 1.5p a minute – save over 50p a minute!!!
  • Thailand 1p a minute – save 67p a minute
  • USA 1p a minute – save 14p vs BT

A stunning new display

Here are our brand-new November savers to savour…

  • India 2p – call anywhere in the subcontinent, including mobiles, for only 2p a minute
  • Rio de Janeiro down to 2p a minute
  • Brunei down to 2p
  • Chile mobiles down to 3p
  • Dominican Republic down to 3p
  • Egypt mobiles down to 5p
  • El Salvador down to 9p
  • Gibraltar down to 2.5
  • Iran Tehran down to 5p
  • New Zealand down to 1p
  • Pakistan mobile down to 5p
  • Singapore down to 1p
  • Cape Town down to 2.5p
  • Sweden Stockholm down to 1p
  • Turkey mobile down to 7p

And this is just a sneek peak. To see the price for the country you want to call, click away: whiz me to Cherry Call

Don’t get burnt: follow the Cherry Call Code

It’s easy to protect yourself and your family from ripoff international call charges. Just follow our simple, common-sense instructions:

  1. Go to to find the Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call.
  2. When you call you’ll hear a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number
  3. Dial the full international number, including the international dialling code that begins with 00 (zero zero).
  4. End the call in the normal way (Bye, ta ta, Ciao, Later Dude) and replace the handset. And don’t forget (as if you would!) that you can access Cherry Call from any old dog and bone–your landline, your mobile, even public call boxes (remember them?) and on lines at work where overseas calls might be barred (tee-hee!).
  5. There are no PINs to remember, no sign-ups, or passwords to remember.

Keep your pets indoors

The savings with Cherry Call can be genuinely startling. So, please, if you’re of a nervous disposition and prone to shrieking or shouting when seeing how small your overseas calls part of your phone bill is, ensure that any household pets are kept out of earshot to avoid stress (and, let’s face it, mess).

Our cunning plot

How are we able to offer these BT-bashing savings? Simple…

We cunningly divert your international call via our own Cherry Call international internet network. Which means we don’t have to pay for using BT’s. More importantly, neither do you.

Thanks for choosing Cherry Call and, seriously, stay safe if you’re going to a bonfire or firework display this weekend.

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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