Is it really 25 years?

I was giving the Cherry Call team the benefit of my thoughts at our monthly get together in the back room of the Pork Scratching & Gussett. My talk was entitled “Stonkingly Cheap International Calls. One man’s journey.”

(Have you noticed how everything is a Journey now? Going on that dancing show is a “Journey”. Baking cakes is a journey. So I thought I’d borrow the idea as it seems to be all the rage.)

Naturally, my fellow champions of cheap calls were rapt, (if that’s the right word) and hanging on to my every utterance. Hardly surprising as, in hindsight, I suppose I was getting a little red round the gills as I warmed to my theme…

“The very thought makes my blood boil” I was telling them. “A giant barrier to global communications. A towering symbol of the massive divide between the haves and the have-nots. A monstrously divisive edifice designed to make impossible the free movement of ideas and thoughts across international borders…”

“The Berlin Wall, Robin? Yes, a horrific act of political oppression…”

As usual, this was my so-called Personal Assistant Loretta piping up at the most inopportune moment imaginable.

And for a second I was nonplussed. What on earth was the woman on about? My facial expression clearly communicated my befuddlement to the assembled throng.

“Weren’t you talking about the Berlin Wall? You know, it’s 25 years since they knocked it down? They had a big concert and balloons and Peter Gabriel and…”

“Peter who? The Berlin what? No, Loretta. As any fool would know I was referring to BT – British Telecom – and their outrageously inflated charges for international phone calls. Do try and keep up, Loretta.”

Despite their name, as far as I can see there’s nothing even vaguely British about their attitude to their poor customers when it comes to international calls. I get so angry when I think of how, day after day, they are fleecing people with international call charges that are simply staggering compared with the paltry pittance that we at Cherry Call charge.

Our international call charges start at just half a pee a minute to loads of destinations, for goodness’ sake! And that’s all day, every day.

And my team of boffins led by the indifatigable Mr Yashimoto battle day and night to take our charges lower and lower, despite the slings and arrows of the international monetary system and all that malarkey.

Only this week, they’ve managed to get the per minute call rate down for Barbados, Belarus and Belize.

If you want to see all the very latest Cherry Call rates, just click here to be whizzed to the main website where Mr Y and his chums will have laid out our latest feast of telephonic goodies for your delectation.

And remember, to use Cherry Call to get all these savings all you have to do is dial a special code before your normal international number.

It’s slightly different from a mobile, but just as easy. Just click on the country you want to talk to here, follow the instructions, and free yourself from BT tyranny!


Robin James  

Managing Director

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