One good fruit deserves another!

Or how Cherry Call has launched a brand new international call service for Orange users – and T-mobile users too.

As you know, here at Cherry Towers we’re always on the hunt for new ways to let our lovely customers slash the cost of talking to their chums around the world.

And our latest brainstorming session, you’ll be thrilled to hear, was particularly, ahem, fruitful.

We think this one’s a peach.

In a nutshell, you can use your Orange or T-mobile mobile to make international calls from just 3p a minute.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a contract or pay as you go. Our super-cheap new service works just as well with either.

There’s no connection fee, no minimum call charge, and no tricksy tariffs.

No registration, no passwords, no funny handshakes. No sweat.

Your five a day

Five easy-as-pie steps is all it takes to get connected:

  1. Click on the link below (or here) to get whizzed through the ether to the Cherry ‘shortcodes’ webpage. (You’ll see why the new service is called shortcode in a mo.)
  2. Find the country you want to call.
  3. Take a moment to compose yourself and recover from the sharp intake of breath that will doubtless occur when you see the ludicrously low price per min.
  4. Dial the six digit shortcode number. (It’s a short code, you see. Cunning or what!)
  5. Enter the full international number, starting 00 as usual. BUT remember not to push the call/send button after your international number.

That’s absolutely all there is to it. Doddle, eh?

Send your supplier bananas

Your Orange or T-mobile bill (if you’re on a contract) will simply show the call to the shortcode, billed per second for maximum cheapness.

And if you’re on PAYG, you’ll just be wondering how your latest top-up is lasting so long.

It goes without saying that, with mobile calls to the USA for just 3p a minute, to Pakistan for just 8p, to Japan for 10p, to China for 3p… you’re onto a winner wherever you call.

And whenever too. Our prices apply 24/7.

So let’s face it snip sniffers, when they hear about this latest tariff-trashing wheeze, Orange and T-mobile will be going bananas.

Rush me to the Cherry Shortcode Page right now and don’t spare the horses!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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