A new year’s revolution

Cherry Call’s new year’s revolution: even cheaper overseas calls for you the customer!

New Year’s resolution? Not good enough! Give us a revolution, we hear you shout! International call costs that BT can’t get near enough to sniff, with massive savings for you of up to 90%.

Yes, friends, we’ve started the year as we mean to go on: with another smash and grab assault on your dialling costs. We smash the prices and you grab the savings!

Savings right round the world

You can now prattle to Pakistan for just 2.5p a minute…yabber with a yank for a measly penny a minute…talk to Turkey for 2p…speak to a Saudi for 7p and chat to China (or Oz) for only 1.5p.

Closer to home, for a miniscule 1.5p a minute you can Cherry Call Belgium, Denmark, Greece, France, Spain, Italy and Norway.

Power to the punter

You can Cherry Call from your landline, your mobile, even public phone boxes or phones where international calls are barred.

No wonder people say Cherry Call is the international phone service that BT would rather you didn’t know about. More power to you we say!

Start the revolution right now

Here’s how to start saving:

  • Go to CherryCall.co.uk to find the special Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call.
  • Make a note of this number, then use it whenever you want to make a cheap international call.
  • When you call you’ll hear a second dialling tone.
  • Now just dial your full international number in the normal way, including the international dialling code that begins with zero zero.
  • Start saving

Here’s an e.g: to Cherry Call a number in Hong Kong you just dial 0844 3030 444 then 00852 plus the local number. And you’ll pay just 1.5p a minute at any time of the day. Make the same call via BT and you’ll pay an extra 10.5p, every minute. The Cherry Call will appear on your bill in the normal way, but the number dialled will show as 0844 3030 444 and the cost will be teeny weeny.

Free the people from BT tyranny!

Cherry Call can brings you these gift-wrapped savings because we divert your call via our own internet network. This means we don’t have to pay to use BT’s expensive international phone lines and therefore we can pass on the massive savings to you.

But hey, enough from me…why are you reading this when you could be a-dialling and a chatting???

Chatty New Year and vive la revolution!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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