New Phone Company Access Charges

From 1st July 2015, to make it easier for consumers to understand, calls to 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 and 0872, and 09 and 118 numbers will be made up of an Access Charge (the charge made by the phone company you use to make your phone calls through) and a Service Charge (the charge collected by the phone company you use which is passed to the service provider you are calling – for example, Cherry Call).

The Access Charge is always charged for each minute that you’re connected to the non-geographic number.  These calls will normally be charged for a minimum of one minute, but should not now have a call setup cost.  This new charging rule only applies to residential calling, business calling may continue to use the old charging scheme or the new Service Charges.

Residential Tariff inc. VATAccess Charge
3 Mobile25p/min
Asda Mobile8p/min
BT Retail9.58p/min
BT Mobile30p/min
EE Landline11p/min
EE Mobile44p/min
GiffGaff Mobile15p/min
John Lewis Broadband9.58p/min
Kingston Communications7p/min
O2 Mobile25p/min
Phone Co-Op7.2p/min
Phone Co-Op Mobile21p/min
Post Office9.5p/min
Post Office Mobile30p/min
SSE Energy6.9p/min
TalkTalk Mobile20p/min
Tesco Mobile25p/min
Utility Warehouse (landline)9p/min
Utility Warehouse (Mobile)20p/min
Virgin Media10.25p/min
Virgin Mobile36p/min
Vodafone23p/min to 45p/min

In the past, many operators have added 10 to 20% surcharge to calls to non-geographic numbers, which could cost up to £1/min,  so these new Access Charges will reduce the variation in call costs between operators significantly.

Business Access ChargesRate per minute (Exc. VAT)
BT BusinessTBC
BT Wholesale2.876p/min

Businesses may continue to be charged the old rates instead of Access and Service Charges.



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