Mo’ Price Drops for Movember!

As I was making my way to Cherry Towers this morning I couldn’t help but admire the changing Autumnal scene that was unfolding before me… even if it did include force 10 winds! Despite the seasonal gusts, I had a spring in my step on my way into the office and kept thinking about how good it feels to be saving the good people of Great Britain money on their international calls.

That was, until I walked through the doors and heard a squark…

‘Robin, did you forget to shave this week?’

‘No Loretta, it’s Movember.’

‘I know what month it is Robin, but you look ridiculous!’

Unfortunately my so-called PA, Loretta, is rather more interested in which beige cardi she’s going to wear than she is with modern trends and important awareness campaigns!

You see, I, Robin James, purveyor of cheap international calls, modern man and all round top bloke am fighting the fight for men’s health this month. I’m not sure what kind of mo’ I’m going to grow yet… Maybe a handlebar or horseshoe, I think I may leave the Magnum P.I. for someone else!

Anyway, I digress. As you will know by now, Cherry Call offers two easy ways to access outstandingly cheap international call rates, without any of the fuss or hassle you might expect. You don’t need to call on Sundays after 9pm, stand on the rooftop in the rain or do a cheap-call dance (although we’d love to see it!), simply follow the simple instructions and start saving!

You can choose between pre-paid top up with a PIN number for super quick access to our great call rates, or an account with more flexibility, PIN-less dialling and the option to share your credit with family members or colleagues.

To see how much you could save on your international calls, take a look at this months price drops…

Bhutan… down to just 4p per min!
Bhutan Mobile… down to just 4p per min!
Bonaire… down to just 8p per min!
Dominican Republic… down to just 2p per min!
Jamaica Mobile… down to just 15p per min!
Jordan… down to just 6p per min!
Netherlands Antilles… down to just 8p per min!
Pakistan… down to just 2p per min!
Pakistan Mobile… down to just 3p per min!
Turkey… down to just 3p per min!

So whether you’re looking to call your business contact in Pakistan to ‘seal the deal’, or you’d simply like to call your friend in Jamaica to discuss your mo’, you can take advantage of our super cheap call rates 24/7, 365 days a year!

Robin James

MD Cherry Call

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