Midweek Madness – 90 Price Drops!

Hello fellow Cherry Callers – welcome to another instalment of Cherry news! We’ve got a corker for you this month, a total of 90, yes you read that right, 90 price drops, but more on that later! First, I’d like to tell you a little story…

A true advocate of indulgence at Christmas time (or any celebration for that matter), Loretta, my rather rotund so-called PA, treated December 2015 no differently from any other… taking advantage of every mince pie, iced fruit cake and roast meal on offer.

Well, after adding an inch or two (or three!) to her waistline, Loretta has been somewhat tender around the subject of weight as you might imagine. Now, none of us like to feel overweight or look out of place, but she’s hardly one to help herself when it comes to hiding, or reducing, her waistline.

Tuesday rolls (no pun intended… honest) around and my twelve o’clock meeting arrives in my office. After being pointed in the direction of Loretta, he pauses, takes a pondering look at her girth and proceeds (quite unashamedly, I might add) to ask when she is ‘due’.

You should’ve seen poor Loretta’s face; appearing very similar to that of a Baboon’s rear end, her mouth began emitting noises as yet unknown to science. I did feel sorry for her of course, but only in between gasps of air.

The office hasn’t been quite the same since.

Anyway, back to the price savings. We’ve excelled ourselves this month (even if I do say so myself) with a bewildering 90 price drops, so you can call your friends and family for even less with Cherry Call!

Fancy taking a look? Here’s the updated list…

Instant access numbers

Austria Mobile now only 2p/min
Bahamas now only 5p/min
Bahamas Mobile now only 10p/min
Bolivia now only 9p/min
Brazil Mobile now only 3p/min
Canada now only 1p/min
Canada Mobile now only 1p/min
Colombia Mobile now only 4p/min
Cyprus now only 1p/min
Cyprus Mobile now only 2p/min
East Timor now only 20p/min
Finland now only 3p/min
French Guiana Mobile now only 5p/min
Indonesia now only 4p/min
Iraq Mobile now only 13p/min
Italy now only 1p/min
Japan now only 2p/min
Kuwait now only 3p/min
Kuwait Mobile now only 3p/min
Maderia now only 1p/min
Malta now only 1p/min
Mexico now only 1p/min
Mexico Mobile now only 2p/min
Mongolia now only 2p/min
Mongolia Mobile now only 2p/min
Myanmar now only 5p/min
Myanmar Mobile now only 5p/min
New Caledonia now only 13p/min
Nigeria now only 3p/min
Nigeria Mobile now only 3p/min
North Cyprus Mobile now only 8p/min
North Korea now only 35p/min
Norway Mobile now only 2p/min
Papua New Guinea now only 35p/min
Papua New Guinea Mobile now only 50p/min
Russia Mobile now only 4p/min
Spain now only 1p/min
Syria now only 6p/min
Taiwan Mobile now only 7p/min
Uganda Mobile now only 8p/min
Vatican City now only 1p/min
Vietnam now only 5p/min

Prepaid and accounts service

Austria Mobile now only 2.5p/min
Bahamas now only 7p/min
Brazil Mobile now only 4p/min
Brunei now only 3p/min
Bulgaria Mobile now only 2p/min
Colombia Mobile now only 5p/min
Cyprus now only 1p/min
Cyprus Mobile now only 2.5p/min
East Timor now only 25p/min
Finland now only 3p/min
Finland Mobile now only 3p/min
French Guiana Mobile now only 6p/min
Indonesia now only 6p/min
Iraq Mobile now only 18p/min
Ivory Coast now only 30p/min
Japan now only 2.5p/min
Japan Mobile now only 6p/min
Kazakhstan now only 1.5p/min
Kuwait now only 4p/min
Kuwait Mobile now only 2.5p/min
Madeira now only 1p/min
Malta now only 1p/min
Mauritania now only 40p/min
Mexico now only 1p/min
Mexico Mobile now only 1.5p/min
Mongolia now only 2.5p/min
Mongolia Mobile now only 2.5p/min
Myanmar now only 7p/min
Myanmar Mobile now only 7p/min
New Zealand now only 1.5p/min
Nigeria now only 4p/min
Nigeria Mobile now only 4p/min
North Cyprus Mobile now only 12p/min
North Korea now only 50p/min
Norway Mobile now only 2p/min
Papua New Guinea now only 50p/min
Puerto Rico now only 1.5p/min
Russia Mobile now only 5p/min
Singapore Mobile now only 1p/min
Slovakia now only 1p/min
Spain now only 1p/min
Taiwan now only 2p/min
Taiwan Mobile now only 10p/min
Tajikistan Mobile now only 15p/min
Thailand now only 1.5p/min
Thailand Mobile now only 1.5p/min
Uganda Mobile now only 12p/min
Vietnam now only 7p/min

So whether you’re new to the world of international calls or you’re a frequent dialler, Cherry Call offers a range of options on international calls, from prepaid and account services to a simple dial up and chat process. We don’t discriminate either, so there’s no gimmicks or catches, just simple cheap calls to a wide range of destinations, the way it should be.  Click here to head over to the front page to find out how to get started.

P.S. I shall keep you up to date with Loretta’s condition – no doubt she won’t do anything about it soon as it’s Easter on the 27th and she does have a rather eager penchant for chocolate…

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