May 2012: Cherry Call News

If you use BT for your overseas calls, probably best not to read this….

Without a doubt, most people of sound mind and a reasonably sensitive disposition would find Loretta’s sense of humour odd.

I remember vividly, and not without a pang of anguish, the time I caught my favourite Liberty print silk tie in the Cherry Towers inkjet printer. Despite the fact that, clearly, I was in real danger of strangulation and expected to see my life flashing before my eyes at any moment before my desperate scrabbling fingers found the Off switch, Loretta seemed to think my imminent demise was the funniest thing that had ever happened. For literally weeks afterwards she would begin to chuckle and chortle virtually every time she looked in my direction.

So when I arrived at my desk this morning to find her roaring with laughter, head back, fiery red curls tossing in uncontrolled mirth, I naturally assumed that there had been a massive earthquake in Peru, a deadly tsunami in Indonesia or a major pile-up on the M42.

“What on earth are you laughing about, this time, Loretta? A flash-flood in Wigan town centre, perhaps, brought on by the unprecedented spring rainfall?”

“It’s these…hahahahaha…it’s this…hahahahah…the new figures…hahahaha..look, the boffins have…hahahaha”

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if she’s not a sausage roll short of the full hamper when she’s like this. I couldn’t get any sense out of her for nigh on five minutes. She simply waved a piece of paper at me and, assuming it was the source of her hilarity, I took it from her.

“Oh yes, ha ha, I see what you mean. Oh yes, that really is quite good. I say, well hahahah…”

And, would you believe it: before I’d even sat down again the pair of us were now guffawing in a way that my mother would have called common and unseemly.

The document in question, precipitating such a reaction, was the latest printout from the Cherry Call boffins, showing what we charge you per minute for an overseas call compared with what dear old BT charges you.

Space forbids me showing you the whole kit & caboodle (whatever a caboode is!) but here are some of the editited highlights:

  • Country Cherry Call BT
  • Australia 1p 28.8p
  • Bahrain 2p 100.5p
  • China 1p 26.5p
  • Cyprus 1p 28.8p
  • France 1p 22p
  • Georgia 4p 76p
  • Grenada 5p 26.5p
  • Hong Kong 1p 13.5p
  • Israel 1p 63p
  • Nepal 8p 80.5p
  • Nigeria 5p 82.4p
  • Pakistan 1.5p 29.9p
  • Russia 1p 63p
  • USA 1p 18.3p

So you can see why I felt it prudent to add a sort-of health warning thingy at the top of the page! If you’ve been forking out the folding on BT, you’ll probably not be sharing our amusement as these rather scary facts are laid before you in all their glory.

But facts they are: put simply, if you use Cherry Call for your overseas calls you’ll save more than a pretty penny.

You’ll save a flipping fortune

To find out our very latest Cherry Call price for the country you’d like to call, you can click through to our website here: Cherry Call website

“But don’t I have to sign up or change my package or something?”

Well, I’m very glad you asked. (I know you didn’t really, but bear with me.) With Cherry there are no signups, no fees, no passwords. None of that malarkey whatsoever and you can use Cherry Call from any phone.

To get these brilliant savings all you have to do is dial a special Cherry Call access number to tap into the Cherry Call service. This number automatically, and instantly, redirects your call via our internet network. So it’s just like calling any other UK number, which is why you can use it from any phone.

In a nutshell…

  1. Go to the Cherry website to get the access number for the country you want to call. (Best not to do this in a public place in case you get an embarassing fit of the giggles when you compare our prices with you know who’s.)
  2. Dial the access number for the country you want to call. Different countries have different numbers.
  3. Listen for a recorded voice asking you to dial your usual overseas number
  4. Tap in your full international phone number, exactly as you would normally: this means you still include the 00.
  5. Make a note of the access number; you get these giant savings all day every day, remember.
  6. On your next bill from the phone supplier, your overseas calls will appear as the Cherry Call access number.

And if you can stop an involuntary giggle from escaping when you see how little you’ve paid, you’re a stronger soul than I am.

Robin James
MD Cherry Call

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