May 2011 Newsletter

NEWSFLASH: BT takes out super injunction to prevent publication of latest Cherry Call price reductions…

No, of course not … and anyway, if they had taken one out we wouldn’t be allowed to tell you!

Mind you, I wouldn’t blame them if they had.

Cherry Call is already sooooo much cheaper than BT for international calls to practically everywhere you could ever think of that our latest BT-bashing price reductions are enough to send anyone scuttling to their lawyers in a desperate attempt to prevent them becoming public.

And when it comes to saving you dosh by the wheelbarrow load, we’ve really pulled our proverbial finger out, this month, Cherry Chums. Take a look at these beauties, for starters:

  1. Barbados – down 20% to just 4p a minute
  2. Angola mobiles, down to 6p a minute
  3. Bahamas mobiles, down to 10p a minute
  4. Bolivia, now just 6p a minute
  5. Chile, down to 1.5p
  6. Colombia mobiles reduced to 3p
  7. Egypt (Cairo), down to 4p
  8. Fiji mobiles, down 5p to just 10p a minute
  9. Indonesia (Jakarta) down to 1p
  10. Jamaica, now only 3p
  11. Japan mobiles, down to just 7p
  12. Kazakhstan, down to just 2p
  13. Latvia, now under half price, just 1.5p
  14. Malta, now just a penny a minute (like Cherry Calls to most of Europe)
  15. Mexico, 2.5p
  16. Nepal, 7p
  17. Romanian mobiles, down to 4p
  18. Saudi Arabia mobiles, now just 7p
  19. Slovenia, just 1p now
  20. Venezuela mobiles, now down to 4p

Judge for yourself

No need to take our word for it, though. Get on the blower and try out Cherry for yourself (if you haven’t already!).

  1. Go to Cherry (or click here) and get the special Cherry Call phone number to ring for the country you want to call.
  2. Call this number and you’ll hear a message: “Thanks for using Cherry Call. Please enter the number you wish to dial”.
  3. Now dial your full international number, remembering to include the international dialling code that begins with zero zero (00).

For example: to dial a number in the USA you dial the Cherry code number first: 0843 715 4444 (the number for America). Wait for the second prompt then dial the whole US number in the normal way (as if you were using BT, for example! As if!) The call then appears on your regular phone bill as the Cherry Call number, not the international number.

Yes, but is it legal?

I know, it seems like Cherry Call’s prices are just too good to be true. I can totally understand why you might think we’re doing something under the counter, on the black market, shadowy, shifty and downright shady!

Surely we’ll be up before the bewigged beak for some dastardly infringement of EEC Law that prevents cunning small companies providing a fantastically cheap international telephony service to its lovely, loyal (and, frankly quite sexy) customers?

Heaven forfend! Here at Cherry Towers we’re pure as the driven snow when it comes to matters of honesty, probity and m’learned friends in general.

We’re able to offer you these sumptuous savings simply by sending your call around our own internet network, thereby totally bypassing BT’s international system. We don’t have to pay them, and therefore you don’t have to pay them either.

Case closed! Court adjourned!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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