March 2013 News

I mean, dash it all, one’s trying to do one’s best for the economy

If I wasn’t such a calm, collected and downright ninja master of the art of self-control it would really get my goat.

But when you’re running the country’s most magnificent super-cheap-international-phone-call empire you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball for a nano-second, I can tell you.

But this global economy business really pushes one very close.

Those pesky fatcat bankers and their money-grubbing, bonus-bloated ilk all over the world have done their damndest to bring the global economy crashing, crunching and kersplatting to its knees.

(Not that I’m quite sure what an ilk is, to be honest. Mental note: ask flame-haired viper-tongued, super-efficient PA Loretta to look it up on her Smartphone. She’s bound to have one of those ‘apps’ thingies for ilks – she seems to have an ‘app’ for just about anything anyone mentions.)

Where was I? Oh yes, the economy. And now, on top of everything else we backbones of the nation’s industrial might have to stomach, the international exchange rate is going down the pan now. Thanks, bankers. Thanks very much.

Which is why, dear customer, I have to confess that this month we don’t have any price reductions to report. I’ve had the boffins upstairs doing everything they possibly can to eke out a couple of snips here and there but even their planet-sized brains were stumped on this one.

Which, if you’re a keen follower of my monthly outpourings, is probably shocking to hear.

The good news is: we’re still a gazillion times cheaper than BT! So despite whatever the economy throws at us with gay unfettered abandon, you can still reply on Cherry Call to save you an absolute fortune.

Have a look at these per minute prices, for example. Just a few of the stonking savings you can make calling to landlines…

Cherry Call price per min BT price per min
Australia: 1p 28.8p
Canada: 1p 19.4p
China: 1p 26.5p
France: 1p 22p
Hong Kong: 1p 13.5p
India: 1p 29.9p
Israel: 1p 63p
Ireland: 1p 18.4p
Kuwait: 6p 100.5p
Mexico: 1p 80.5p
Nigeria: 6p 82.4p
Russia: 1p 63p
Thailand: 1p 82.4p
USA: 1p 18.4p

And it’s just as brilliant for calls to international mobiles, too…

  • Argentina mobile: 8p vs. 124.3p
  • Bahrain mobile: 5p vs. 127.8p
  • Bangladesh mobile: 3p vs. 55.8p
  • Brunei mobile: 2p vs. 107.8p
  • China mobile: 1p vs. 53.8p
  • Denmark mobile: 5p vs. 50.9p
  • Germany mobile: 3p vs. 49.3p
  • Indonesia mobile: 4p vs. 105.8p
  • Lebanon mobile: 15.3p vs. 152.3p
  • Malaysia mobile: 1.5p vs. 75.8p
  • Nepal mobile: 8p vs. 107.8p
  • Pakistan mobile: 7p vs. 57.2p

When you compare our prices with BT’s like this it makes you wonder whether they’ve got their very own posse of fatcats chomping on the giant pie of bonuses over at BT HQ, doesn’t it? Whatever else do they do with all that money they cream off you?

But let’s not dwell on the porcine purr peddlers at BT lest the James sang-froid is tested to its very limit.

Instead, let’s remind you how to avoid contributing to their already well-stuffed coffers.

  1. Click the link below to go to the Cherry Call website to get the special Cherry Call access number for the country you want to call
  2. Dial the number and you’ll hear a voice asking you to key in your normal international number
  3. Now just dial your FULL international number – not forgetting the international dialling code starting with 00
  4. When you’ve finished talking, just hang up as usual.

To get yourself started, just click right here right now.

Robin James
Managing Director

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