It makes one proud to be British, it really does…

I don’t consider myself a sentimental sort of chap. Quite the contrary, in fact.

When one is at the cutting edge of technological, entrepreneurial cut-and-thrustery of high octane international telecommunications services, you can’t afford to let a few soppy feelings get in the way of your relentless quest for cheaper international phone calls for your beloved customers. “When the going gets tough…” and all that malarkey, you know.

But today I couldn’t help but push out my chest just a little, stand just a tiny bit taller and mentally salute her maj as I looked smilingly on her picture at the back of the office.

Nations from every corner of the globe uniting in their fight against adversity…and all thanks to some amazing people right here in the UK…

“Yes, the Paralympics is really inspiring, you’re right there, Robin.”

As usual, my flame-haired vixen of a PA, Loretta de Cerise, had piped up to spoil what was, frankly, a rather special moment.

“The parrot-whats, Loretta. What have parrots got to do with anything?”

“Not parrots, para…the Paralympics, Robin. Weren’t you talking about nations from around the world uniting in their epic struggle against adversity in the Olympic Stadium?”

Sometimes I wonder what planet Loretta is on…

“No, Loretta, I was talking about our latest raft of fabulous price reductions. Look at this spreadsheet. We’ve managed to bring down the cost of calling overseas yet again. No need for the impoverished of Britain to deal with the greedy big guys like BT – this is proper people power, Loretta – and it makes me proud that we’re a British company. Look at this lot for starters…”

  • Andorra landlines – you can now call them with Cherry Call for just 1.5p a minute.
  • Austrian mobiles – just 2p a minute now
  • Botswana landlines – now just 3p
  • Cayman Islands – check out your hedge fund for just 3p a minute
  • Indonesia mobiles – down to 4p
  • Greek mobiles – down to 5p a minute
  • Kenya landlines – now just 6p
  • Malaysia mobiles – now only 1.5p a min
  • Mexico landlines – now just a penny a minute
  • Paraguay landlines – down to 2p
  • Sweden mobiles – down to 2.5p
  • Uganda mobiles – now just 5p a minute

“And the thing is, Loretta, these are just the top of the Cherry Call iceberg, remember. If anyone wants to see all our latest prices they can just visit our website.”

You can go there by clicking here, right now.

And if you’re feeling like a natter with your chums out there in the inter-global superhighway village thingy, we’ve made it jolly easy as well as jolly cheap:

*Go to the aforementioned Cherry and get the special Cherry Call phone number to ring for the country you want to call.

*Dial it and wait to hear a cheery message: “Thanks for using Cherry Call. Please enter the number you wish to dial”

*Now dial the full international number, remembering to include the international dialling code starting with zero zero (00).

Got it? Just in case, let me show you what this means in practice. Can you spare a mo?

So to call the USA, for example, you dial the Cherry code number first that you’ve got from our website: 0843 715 4444 (the code number for America). Now wait for the second prompt message then dial the whole USA number in the normal way. That’s all there is to it.

The call then appears on your next phone bill as the Cherry Call number, not the international number and…

“Don’t forget to tell them about mobiles and 02, Robin!”

There she was again, interrupting me in mid-flow. But quite right, I need to swiftly point out before you go that 02 mobile users can now use Cherry Call too and benefit from our brilliant super-cheap international calls. Find out more here.

Robin James
Managing Director

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