“Loretta! It’s time to unlock the sherry cabinet!”

What, already? I know time flies on wing-ed feet and all that but surely 12 whole months haven’t nipped past so soon?

Why, I’ve barely had time to spend last year’s Christmas book voucher, begrudgingly coughed up by my beloved spouse, the indomitable Mrs James Who Must Be Feared.

But as Santa himself might say, Hey Ho Ho Ho, tempus fugit etc etc.

A smart glance at the Cherry Towers nerve centre’s Puppies of the World 2011 calendar confirms that, indeed, the feasting season is upon us once more.

(Not my choice, I hasten to add. My glamorous personal assistant Loretta de Cerise is famous for her puppies.)

Thus, yes, we must once more raise a glass to the most heartwarming assortment of cheap international calls that a grateful nation could ever ask for: starting at a mere 1p a minute!

Spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves Like BT for example.

Poor souls. How must they feel when they see that we can save you 90% off the cost of your international calls – just by dialling a simple access number?

And that we offer this service not just in the middle of the night like they seem to do but all day every day…’twenty four seven’ I believe the youngsters like to call it?

It must be terrible for them to know they can never compete with Cherry Call, mustn’t it? But let’s not dwell on the misfortunes of others too long, for ’tis the season to be jolly!

The Cherry Xmas 2011 Calls to Mobiles Selection Box

The Cherry boffins have been scratching their oversized noodles to find some extra savings on calls to mobiles for the festive season.

Here’s a choice selection with, you’ll be delighted to hear, absolutely no coffee creams or those awful ones with a nut in the middle that take your fillings out without a word of warning or by your leave.

  1. Albania mobiles, down to 7p a minute
  2. Burundi mobiles, down to 6p a minute
  3. Czech republic mobiles down to 4p a minute
  4. Israel mobiles down to 2.5p a minute
  5. Malawi mobiles down to 4p a minute
  6. Netherlands mobiles down to 4p a minute
  7. New Zealand mobiles down to 5p a minute
  8. Slovenia mobiles down to 5p a minute
  9. South Korea mobiles down to 1.5p a minute
  10. Vietnam mobiles down to 3p a minute

As ever, the boffins have got all the latest prices up on the interweb thingy somehow.

Click here to find out exactly how much you can save with our latest batch of barnstorming price reductions, then follow these four could-it-really-be-any-easier steps to take advantage thereof:

  1. Go to CherryCall.co.uk and get the special Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call
  2. Dial it and you’ll then hear a posh voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number.
  3. Now you need to dial the full international number, the whole caboodle including the international dialling code starting with 00 (zero zero)
  4. End the call in the normal manner. The Cherry Call number appears on your bill instead of the overseas number. (And I, for one, wouldn’t blame you at all if, at this juncture, you pause for a mo to feast your eyes on its delicious cheapness.)

But whilst our calls are undoubtedly cheap, that’s a word I’ve never heard mentioned in the context of yours truly when Father C is in the offing…

“Loretta, this year I think we’ll have the LARGE schooners! And to blazes with the cost!”

I think I spoil my chaps, sometimes, I really do.

A Merry Cherry Christmas to all our users!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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