Greece is going under, Germany is going bonkers and Berlusconi’s just going…

…thank goodness there’s still at least one international organisation you can rely on

The stock markets all over the globe are up and down like a yoyo, the fatcat bankers are in a blind panic, the politicians are having Very Important Summits and being Very Concerned Statesmen and putting aside their differences to agree to do, er, nothing at all…

So thank goodness for Cherry Call, eh, chums!

When all around are losing their heads (and in the case of Italy and Greece’s leaders, their jobs too) you can still rely on Cherry Call for a very sensible financial proposition that everyone agrees on: super-cheap phone calls to just about anywhere in the world.

Euro Dizzy

Fancy getting on the blower to give a piece of your mind to Frau Merkel in Germany or Monsieur Sarkozy in France or good old Silvio in Italy?

With Cherry Call it’ll cost you just 1p a minute, no matter how long you blather on, no matter what day of the week or what time of the day.

In fact, with Cherry Call, you can call all these countries, and many many more, for just a penny a minute:

Australia, Argentina, Belgium, China, Austria, Hong Kong, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Peru, USA, Thailand, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Chile, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey…

Imagine how much BT or one of the other greedy big networks would sting you for to call any of these! Times may be hard all over the Eurozone but slashing their oveseas call rates is the last thing on the big boys’ minds.

No wonder we’re the phone service they’d rather you didn’t know about!

Costa Rica costa curta

Not like here at Cherry Towers, where we’re always on the prowl for new saving opportunities to pass onto you, our lovely customer.

And this month we’ve had a good old prune of some of our call rates to Uganda,Turkey mobiles (sounds like a snack food!), Sudan, Kazakhstan, Finland mobiles, Costa Rica and Albania.

Click here to see our very latest super saver call rates

Bunga bunga?

If you’re wondering what fancy footwork is afoot, what palms are being greased, who’s receiving a bit of a bung to enable us to bring you such a mouthwatering smorgasboard of savings, then wonder no more.

It’s really a piece of cake. Albeit a rather technologically tasty one based on our own secret recipe (with, naturally, a cherry on the top).

We do it by sending your call round our own internet network, not BT’s international phone network.

So we don’t have to pay for BT to handle your call and, (I expect you’re ahead of me here), you don’t either. It’s all legal, above board and bloomin’ brilliant if I do say so myself.

Less wonga wonga

Here’s how to minimise the wonga you spend on your international calls, starting right now:

  1. Go to and find the special Cherry Call number for the country you want to call (or click here)
  2. Call this number and wait to hear a message something like: “Thanks for using Cherry Call. Please enter the number you wish to dial”
  3. Now dial your WHOLE international number, that means including the international dialling code that begins with zero zero

For example: if you want to call a number in the USA you’d just dial the Cherry code number first, 0843 715 4444 then wait for the voice to prompt you, then dial your normal US number.

The call appears on your phone bill as the Cherry Call number that you dialled first, not the destination number.

Best of all you’ll pay just 1p a minute not, wait for it, the 17.5p a minute that BT would charge you!

There’s no time like the present, why not nip over to the Cherry Call website to see how much you could save? click here right now.

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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