Never let it be said that I’m one to gloat. Gloating is an unattractive trait in anyone, let’s be honest, so gloating has never been high on the personal verbalisation agenda for yours truly.

And, actually, neither has golf, truth to tell. I think I was put off golf for life when, at a conference of international telephonic price-savers, I was once asked by a pushy American lady with big hair and matching teeth (I’m sure you know the type) whether I ‘golfed’.

I told her in no uncertaint terms, no, I didn’t PLAY golf. I think she got my grammatical drift as she walked off tight-lipped; doubtless with the intention of finding someone who could discuss ludicrous check trousers, the wearing of a single glove and the other arcane affectations of people who, as she put it in her most irritating way, like to ‘golf’.

So punt ‘gloating’ and ‘golf’ into the ether and the first name that springs to mind would certainly never be R.James esq. of this parish.

(Put ‘international phone calls’ and ‘stupendous savings’ together, on the other hand, and you might be on to something. In fact, we’ve got another top hole selection to tell you about in a mo.)

But when I saw our gallant golfing lads (and I say ‘our’ as a citizen of the European Community) fighting their way back from the brink of crushing defeat to take victory in the Ryder Cup, and giving those arrogant yanks a jolly good metaphorical poke in the eye at the same time, I was tempted, just for a split second, to gloat. I apologise for this uncharacterististic lapse in taste.

However, if you’d like to have a go at gloating unashamedly yourself, try this – it never fails to get the gloat-glands pulsing…

Putter smile on your face

Instead of using BT or one of the other monstrously expensive dinosaurs of international telecoms when you make an international call, try Cherry Call instead. Put simply, you’ll save an eye-opening fortune compared with those greedy giants.

It can be our little secret or you can tell your friends. (But the inclination for gloating might be almost overwhelming, I warn you now!)

Take a look at some of these, for starters. You can call any of these countries from as little as just 1p a minute – any time, any day. And talk for as long as you like with no penalty:

  • Argentina – just 1p a minute
  • Australia – ditto
  • Austria – and ditto the rest of Europe!
  • Bahrain – yes 1p too
  • Brazil – you get the picture!
  • Canada – yup, 1p
  • China – 1.5p (just to see if you were paying attention!)
  • Estonia – 1p
  • Hong Kong – 1p
  • India – 1p
  • Mexico – 1p

In other words, wherever you’re calling, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, you can save a packet with Cherry Call.

To find all our latest, hot-off-the-PC call rates, click here

Teed off

If you’re sick of paying the big boys the big bucks, all you do is get the Cherry Call code for the country you want to call, from out website. Then just dial this number before your normal overseas number. And that’s it.

We send the call round our internet network and you get to chat for a tiny fraction of what you’ve paid before.

On your marks, get set, gloat!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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