February 2013 Newsletter

How making lots of international calls one after the other can save you even more money. (That’s if you use CherryCall, of course.)

Now, speaking for myself (and let’s face it, nobody else is going to do it for me), to most casual observers it’s clear as a bell on a crisp spring morning that I am what they call ‘the strong silent type’…

Firm but not arrogant, decisive but not impetuous, considerate but not sentimental – I’m sure you have an accurate mental image of precisely how I am viewed by my fellow man. (And woman, of course. You have to be very PC these days, don’t you?)

I say my piece then my lips will be sealed; and I will move on to the next pressing decision that the cut and thrust world of international telephonics forces upon one almost ceaselessly. Providing unbelievably cheap international phone calls for the nation isn’t a job for the lily-livered, the slow-witted or the faint-hearted, I can tell you.

Silence is golden has long been my watchword. ‘Think first and only speak when you have something to say’ has been the James family way for as long as we can remember. It would probably be on our coat of arms if we had such a thing.

My flame-haired vixen of a PA, Loretta de Cerise, is, on the other hand, cut from a different cloth.

She will never use a couple of words when a couple of thousand will easily do.

Goodness me, can she talk. And talk and talk.

Until I recruited Loretta from PoshTempsR’Us of Bournemouth, I had no idea that a discussion of which shoes one should wear to a dinner could take in excess of two hours.

Or that an impending visit to one’s barbers could precipitate a veritable conversational marathon of girl to girl debate across our internal phone system.

But one lives and one learns.

And when your ears are as well tuned to the needs of the ordinary person as mine, you learn a lot.

What I learnt from Loretta was this: often people who talk a little more than yours truly (viz the aforementioned Miss L de Cerise) like to make several international phone calls in a row.

So they call Gina in France to ask are they still coming over for Tina’s wedding. Then immediately call Gemma in Switzerland to discuss whether Tina will bring Tim or is it all off again. Then they call Alice in New York to check that Giles will be back from Patagonia as Tina isn’t bringing Tim.

And so on.

The international airwaves are all a-hum with this stuff.

And that’s why I set our boffins a new and challenging task: can we make it even simpler for our beloved CherryCall customers to make several super-cheap international calls one after the other?

I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. And neither will you.

Hash Hash! That’s all you have to do. Or # # if you prefer. (Had to ask Loretta were the # key was on my iMac!)

So, step by step:

  1. When you’ve finished your first call, don’t put the receiver down
  2. Just dial ##
  3. You’ll hear a new dialling tone
  4. Now dial your new international number – in full, including the zero zero at the start
  5. And if you want to make another call after that just press ## again

So you don’t have to keep dialling the CherryCall access number for each new call. Marvellous!

But, but, but…not only will it be much easier to make a CherryCall call and save a blooming fortune into the bargain, you might even save a bit extra by using ##.

Most phone operators charge you to connect an international call even when you use CherryCall. (BT will sting you for over 13p for instance.)

But if you do a quick ## you’ll only get charged once, even if you make lots of calls! So the more calls you make in quick succession, the more you save.

Well done The Boffins, and well said Loretta!

Til next time…

Robin James
MD Cherry Call

PS We’ve cut the cost of calling to certain places, too, this month. Like Fiji, French Polynesia, Vanuatu (Loretta, get the atlas), Kiribati (Loretta, get the BIG atlas) and Liechtenstein. Click here for more info.

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