Exciting New Social Network for Sport Fans

There’s a family in Manchester who are on a mission to change the world of sport with their new social network. Determined to transform their dream into a reality, the Hughes family have taken extreme measures by selling their home to fund their family business.

Dad Perry, mum Lisa, son Sam and daughter Mollie have their sights set high, and even Perry has said “We think we are going to change the way media is done”. Having all left their jobs and Sam suspending his university studies, their new social network, GameDay Xtra, really is a family affair.

So whats it all about?

GameDay Xtra is solely for sports fans. The idea is that every sports team and player in the world will have their own dedicated page where they can share their news and updates. Not just open to the top leagues, the Hughes family plan to make the network accessible for even the smallest of teams.

As well as being able to create their own groups and networks, members will be able to see live updates of sporting events from the teams and players they follow, plus in the future there are even plans for members to follow and play bespoke interactive games.

Excitingly for “super fans”, if pages for teams and players aren’t snapped up by the official person/s, they’ll be able to manage and run them themselves. Whilst the site currently has a few thousand members, the family says broader membership will be available in August.


Whilst the Hughes’ may have sold their home, their car, left their jobs to pursue their dream and run out of money twice, the future certainly looks bright thanks to funding from a mystery Russian backer. “We see ourselves sitting at the top table with the big boys,” says Dad Perry – so be sure to keep your eyes open for GameDay Xtra in the future!

Tell your friends and family

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