When election fever grips the nation the only sensible course is a vote for Cherry’s cheap international calls!

Brown or Clegg, Cameron or the monster raving loonies? It’s a tough choice this year…

But when it comes to super-cheap international phone calls, there’s only one place to scrawl your cross: Cherry Call of course! (Bet you guessed, didn’t you?)

So while the big parties are squabbling and wheeler-dealing for who gets lobbed the keys to Number 10, you can be totally certain about what you get from us…

The Cherry Call Manifesto

Cheap calls, always cheap calls, cheap calls getting even cheaper as often as we can.

Not complicated is it? And, amazingly, when we make a promise, we stick to it, too. This month we’ve got another raft of plummeting prices. Here’s a snapshot…

Columbia and Brunei down to 1p a minute, Austrian mobiles down to 5p a minute, Bulgarian mobiles slashed from 20p to 4p a minute, 10p off calls to The Congo and Gabon, Spanish mobiles down to 7p.

Check our website, pronto, for all our latest hot-off-the-press prices: click here now.

Exercise your democratic right to kick out BT!

Compare Cherry’s manifesto with BT’s and you won’t be caught all a-dither where to put your vote. BT send your call round their massively expensive network and charge you breathtakingly high charges for the privilege.

We, with the cunning of the most weasily politician, simply direct your calls onto our internet network and, tee-hee, miss out the middle man. Cheap as chips, 24/7.

Vote with your finger!

Here’s how to start saving big-time (and without any signups, passwords or any of that palaver!)…

  1. Go to Cherry Call.co.uk to find the special Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call.
  2. Make a note of this number, then use it whenever you want to make a cheap international call.
  3. When you call you’ll hear this message: “Thank you for using Cherry Call. Please enter the number you wish to dial”
  4. Now just dial your full international number in the normal way, including the international dialling code that begins with zero zero.

So, to CherryCall a number in the US you just dial 0844 715 4444 and wait for the prompt to dial the US number in the normal way. The call will appear on your bill as usual but the number dialled will show as 0844 715 4444. More impressively, you’ll have paid a teeny-weeny 1p a min!

Off you go, and don’t spare the horses!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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