Don’t forget all these destinations you call for an unbelievably cheap 1p a minute…

I’m sure you’ll forgive me for getting a little over-excited from time to time, when we manage to create another BT-crushing price-point that makes them look like money-grubbing swindlers compared to Cherry Call.

Here’s a perfect example…

This month we’re reducing the cost of calling mobiles in South Africa to just 2p a minute – yet BT insist on charging you an eye-watering – and, frankly – outrageous 90p a minute! (And we charge the 2p all day, every day. No dodgy please-read-the-small-print-very-carefully stuff from Cherry Call.)

So you can see why I might be inclined to high-five Mr Yashimoto, our chief boffin, and his team of egg-heads when he pulls off another triumphal price-slasher like this one.

Not that I’ve ever actually high-fived anyone, between you and me. It always seemed a little, how can I put it, you know, American? A firm handshake, perhaps supplemented by a hearty slap on the back in extreme circumstances, is more the James R style. It’s like this constant hugging and kissing that seems to be all the rage – even amongst grown men who ought to know better – seems distinctly un-British to me. I blame those foreign footballers.

(Loretta, my so-called PA, is shaking her head and rolling her eyes again. It’s a most distasteful habit and when I’ve finished this newsletter I shall call her into our new Collaboration Pod – why we can’t simply call it Meeting Room One like in the old building I really don’t understand – for a stern word from yours truly.)

Where was I? Oh yes, in all the excitement of headline-grabbing price cuts like the aforementioned to South Africa, we can sometimes forget that we’ve still got a huge pile of destinations that you can call for half that amount – only a penny a minute.

They sit there on our website quietly and unassumingly allowing thousands and thousands of smiling Cherry Call customers reap the benefits of monster savings week after week.

There are far too many to list here in full, but they include countries like Australia, Belgium and most of Europe, China mobiles, Canada, French Guiana, Hong Kong, India, Lithuania, Morocco, Peru, Singapore mobiles, USA, USA mobiles, Venezuela and many, many more. See them all HERE.

You can call all these countries from your landline or from your mobile and, just in case you need a quick reminder how…

Landline: just find the Cherry Call access number for the country you want to call. Then dial it before your FULL international number. A voice will prompt you to do this. Your call will whizz round the Cherry Call network instead of BT’s and it’ll show on your bill as the Cherry Call access number, not the international number. Get your access number here.

Mobile: you need to buy some upfront credit to load onto your mobile by sending us a quick text. You can then chat away until all your credit’s used up and simply reload when ready! More here.

Meanwhile, if I can get Loretta to disengage from Facebook for an hour or two, we’ll have finished unpacking the moving boxes by next month and normal service will be resumed.


Robin James

Managing Director

Cherry Call

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