Deals so hot, you’ll think it’s Summer!

Well it’s another great day lowering call charges here at Cherry Towers, that is until Loretta came walking in this morning…

Clad in huge blacked-out glasses, a summer dress and some sort of straw hat that looked like it belonged in a horse’s hay net. You’d think it was summer! Well, I suppose it is. After all, we’ve had a number of consecutive warm sunny days, so perhaps I’ll let her off… I won’t, however, let her off for the almighty, ear piercing scream that she let out some moments later.

Turns out a Tettigonia Viridissima, aka a Great Green Bush-cricket fell on her desk as she was unpacking her things.

“It was huge Robin. Admit it, you were just as shocked as me”.

Rubbish. (Alright, yes – it was massive!)

The creepy crawly either came in through the window, or more likely, crawled out of her ridiculously grassy hat. After all, as I justly informed her, amongst other places, they live in areas of rough grass and shrubby vegetation, just like her hat! That’ll teach her!

“Robin, I’ll have you know that my hat is very on-trend this season”.

Yes, and so are florals and handbags for men but you won’t see me wearing those! See, I know about this stuff… thanks to Mrs J’s magazines that I just so happened to catch a glimpse of on the one occasion.

I can hear you Loretta – stop laughing! This is serious, you’ve committed a fashion offence. Mrs J better not get any ideas…

Anyway, I digress.

It’s not just the warmer weather that you have to celebrate about this month… Cherry Call have once again brought the best rates in international phone calls right to your, well, phone! Thanks to all our hard work, you can carry on calling abroad whilst taking advantage of this months selection of super low deals, without finding any hidden nasties (unlike Loretta’s hat!)…

Australia – 1p/min
Canada – 1p/min
Germany – 1p/min
India – 1p/min
Ireland – 1p/min
Mauritius mobiles – 7p/min
Pakistan Mobile – 4p/min
South Africa – 1p/min
United Arab Emirates – 10p/min
USA – 1p/min

Pretty good, eh? Talking of insects and creepy crawlies, it’s actually National Insect Week from June 20th to 26th. Oh Loretta will be happy! I’ll make sure she logs on and registers her new 6 legged best friend!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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