Cherry Call news July 2014 – UK calls

Dear Mr James. Isn’t it time you did something about expensive calls to British mobiles too?

As regular readers will doubtless attest, it takes a lot to tweak the metaphorical nose of yours truly. It’s not an easy task to get the tightly-sculpted James jawbone dropping earthwards. Surprise is, let’s face it, my middle name.

But when this letter plopped onto the Ikea Splufft raffia-look doormat of Cherry Towers, the Bournemouth nerve-centre of our international call-cost-cutting empire, I was – and I’m not embarrassed to mention it – rooted to the spot.

It was so simple. So obvious. Such a spectacularly gaping gap in our market that I slapped my furrowed brow in frustration. So hard in fact, that Loretta, my so-called PA, actually woke up from slumbering at her desk.

“For goodness sake, Robin, I was dreaming I was adrift in a small lifeboat with only the entire German world-cup winning football team to look after my every bodily need and you have to go and…”

“Silence Loretta!” My hand aloft and stern countenance was enough to stop her in mid-whine.

“This is a big day for Cherry Call. This is the day Cherry Call goes British!”

I explained that, for too long, we’d concentrated our breathtaking money-saving activities on calls to foreign countries.

Yes, we were saving our customers squillions while they chatted to the four corners of the globe every minute of every day. But now it was time to do the same for customers want to call just around the corner – customers who were calling Newcastle not Nairobi, Portsmouth not Paris, Aberdeen not Atlanta.

Let’s help them save squillions calling mobiles in the UK too!

A quick meeting with the boffins and the plan was underway, to be put before you today in all its glory.

With Cherry Call you can now call a UK MOBILE from only 2p a minute.

If you’ve ever called a mobile from your regular BT landline you’ll know exactly what a shocker this can be when your bill arrives. That’s why we wanted to give this ridiculous state of affairs a good and proper, Cherry Call-style shake up.

Use your landline to call a mobile from 02 (or Tesco), EE, T-Mobile or Vodafone and you’ll pay an astonishingly low 2p a minute. And that’s 24/7.

And naturally, this being a Cherry Call way to save money, it’s really easy to do. You just dial the Cherry Call access code before your normal mobile number.

For the phone companies shown above you dial 0843 717 4444.

For other mobile operators, and for mobiles in the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man, dial 0913 306 4444. See the rates for these here.

If you’re calling from a BT landline, BT will also add a 13.8p set up charge each time you dial our access number. (Grrrrr!)

But worry not! If you’re making more than one Cherry Call to a UK mobile in quick succession, dial ## after each one to make sure you only pay this BT fee just the once.

We Brits may not be able to get through the first round of a world cup. But we know how to have a good, cut-price, long-distance moan about it.


Robin James

Managing Director


PS: By the way: If you’re calling a UK landline, you’ll actually pay even less. Just 0.5p per minute. But most customers have these calls included in their standard landline package.


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