Cherry Call’s taking on the world–and winning!

Now your friends and family in Australia can call you for FREE on their mobile

First the UK, and now Australia. We’re chuffed as a hungry koala on a giant eucalyptus tree to announce that we’ve launched Cherry Call for mobiles in Australia.

Which means anyone down under can call anyone just about anywhere else in the world, on their regular mobile, FOR FREE.

For free?

Yes. Those lucky Ozzies can now make an overseas call and get it included with their mobiles regular minutes.


Cherry Call works by diverting your call via our own internet phone network. So when they dial the Cherry Call Australia access code, their mobile thinks they’re making a regular local call – and so the cost is included in their ordinary monthly minutes package.


In other words, with Cherry Call Australia your friends and colleagues can call their friends and colleagues all round the world for free: all day every day.

If you’ve used Cherry Call UK you’ll already know how gob-smackingly simple it is to use our service and save an absolute fortune on your overseas calls. (And if you haven’t you must be made of money! But if you’re not, you can find out more below.)

To access Cherry Call, you just dial a special number plus your normal overseas number. That’s it. It’s just the same down under…

Just dial the Cherry Oz access code

Anyone with a mobile in Australia can do it! Right now. They just dial the Cherry Call Australia access code at the start of their international call and we do the rest. It’s 04242 15551.

As with Cherry Call UK, there’s no sign-up or registration to endure, and there are absolutely no PIN numbers or complicated passwords to remember (or forget!).

It doesn’t even matter which Australian mobile phone network they’re with, Cherry Call Australia works with them all.

Here’s how they do it

  • They simply ring the Cherry Call Australia access number: 04242 15551
  • They’ll hear a voice prompting them to call their regular overseas number and a second dialing tone * They just dial their normal overseas number as usual – in full
  • That’s it!

Go to

So if you want to let your mates and family in Oz know all about the new service, why not copy and paste all the stuff in this newsletter and send them an email to let them know.

Or tell them to go to

Even better, why not use Cherry Call’s UK service to call your mates in Oz right now and tell ’em all about Cherry Call Australia! You’ll save a fortune on the call and, from now on, so can they.

Give ’em the bonzer news

A Cherry Call to Australia from the UK costs just 1p a minute – any time, any day. That’s a whopping 23p a minute off what you’d pay with BT.

Just call 0843 715 4444. You’ll then be asked to dial the full Australian phone number, starting with 0061 as usual.

To call a mobile in Australia

Just dial 0872 548 4444, then 0061 followed by the full Australian mobile number. You’ll pay just 6p per minute at all times.

And to call down under from your own mobile…

Call Australia from the UK and you’ll still only pay 1p a minute. Sadly, we can’t do it for free in the UK like we can down under but, hey, it’s still 27.8p a minute less than with good old you know who.

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