Cherry Call Newsletter September 2013

Announcing the biggest launch of price drops for international phone calls the world has ever seen. Quite possibly.*

Not for a minute did I expect my return to the fold to be greeted with a naked strumpet bursting forth from a large cake. Neither was I all aquiver with anticipation of a golden walkway festooned with rose petals and floral garlands at every turn. Or even a small and discreet mayoral reception where my freedom of the city of Bournemouth medal was coughed up (and not before time, either). Not at all.

When you’re here to tell the world about the biggest package of price reductions on international calls that they’ve ever seen, you’re not to concerned about shallow displays of fawning affection from the workforce.

But when I got back from my long and yes, very pleasant thank you, summer hold, I did at least expect some of the ‘team’ (as you have to say now) to be there to stick the kettle on and chew the fat. My so-called personal assistant Loretta at the very least.

But not a bloomin’ soul. Just a wrinkled post-it note on my hand carved English oak Edwardian work-station from the aforementioned so-called etc: “Hi Robin. We’ll be a bit late. Half-price lattes at the caff this morning.”

Clearly, while I’ve been on hold, the mice have been doing whatever it is they do while the cat’s away and have fallen in to some unsavoury habits. Like not being hard at work at the international cheap phone calls coalface by 8am like yours truly.

I say hold, but in the relentless 24/7 world of international telephonical communications there’s no time for letting your little grey cells fester, I assure you. To the untrained eye I may have appeared to be relaxing on a wicker lounger, not a care in the world, large Pimms in right hand.

Beneath that calm, carefree exterior however, the James brain was all awhirl, ticking like an unexploded time-bomb as it cogitated constantly on what Cherry Call do next for its beloved customers around the globe.

And that’s when I hit on the plan to do something quite out of the ordinary on my return. I would throw caution to the wind, stick my neck out and wave the Cherry Call flag in no uncertain manner.

I’d get our boffins to find a way of cutting more charges than ever before. HA! That’ll show those fatcats at BT and all the other big operators who’s got the big ideas round here. (And the smallest prices.) And didn’t those boffins pull out their proverbial, highly-educated, finger!

There really isn’t room to show all the price cuts in this newsletter, but here’s a few of my personal favourites. Whizz over to our website thingy to see the rest in all their magnificent, money-saving, penny-pinching, wallet-enhancing glory. Click here to see all our international call price reductions pronto.

  • Bahamas – Down to 5p a minute
  • Cambodia – Down to 3p a minute
  • China – Down to 1p a minute
  • Colombia – Down to 2p a minute
  • Dominican Republic – Down to 1.5p/min
  • Ecuador – Down to 6p a minute
  • Finland – Down to 2.5p a minute
  • Gibraltar – Down to 2p a minute
  • Guadeloupe – Down to 1p a minute
  • Hong Kong Mobiles – Down to 1.5p/min
  • Kenya – Down to 8p a minute
  • Malawi – Down to 8p a minute
  • Martinique – Down to 1p a minute
  • Mauritius – Down to 6p a minute
  • Mexico Mobiles – Down to 2.5p a minute
  • Poland Mobiles – Down to 2p a minute
  • Portugal Mobiles – Down to 1.5p a minute
  • Senegal – Down to 10p a minute
  • South Korea Mobiles – Down to 1.5p/min
  • Spain Mobiles – Down to 1.5p a minute
  • Turkey – Down to 2.5p a minute

And do I need to remind you that these eye poppingly ting new charges are ‘per minute’ and apply all day, every day? Plus, because this is Cherry Call, you can talk for as long as you like without any penalties or sneaky hidden costs creeping in when you’re in mid conversation to your chums abroad.

Getting started with Cherry Call cheap calls

If you’re a Cherry Call ‘newbie’ – Loretta informs me this is what interweb-types called beginners – you might need a bit of a leg-up from yours truly on how to get hold of our not-to-be-sniffed-at savings. Here’s the SP:

  1. Go to the website (click here if you like) to find the Cherry Call access code for the country you’d like to call. You’ll find all the latest per minute rates there too.
  2. Dial the number
  3. When prompted by the pleasant voice (not Loretta obviously) just dial your overseas number as usual. Including the 00.
  4. Chat away. And when your bill comes the Cherry Call call will show up as the access number you dialled first, not the foreign number you dialled second. That’s all you have to do.

And talking of things to do, when Loretta and her chums manage to drag themselves back in to Cherry Towers clutching their over-priced frothing monstrosities, I shall be pointing them swiftly in the direction of the executive washrooms which, in my absence, have clearly not seen a Domestos-laden scrubbing brush even once.

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

* Quintin Forbes-Lightly, the Cherry Call legal eagle, made me put this bit in. Spoilsport.

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