Cherry Call Newsletter March 2010

Hark! Is that the sound of Spring’s first cuckoo? Or simply the contented cooing of another Cherry Call customer realising how much dosh our spring reductions will save him on his international calls?

The first green shoots start to appear on the trees, the snowdrops start to peep coyly through the frosty morning mist and a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.

Until he remembers he’s got to make some overseas calls, that is, and a wintery chill grips his heart once more.

Unless of course said young fella (or gal) has the presence of mind to think “Tish and also tosh! I’ll use those chaps at Cherry Call instead of the bounders at BT and save meself a blinkin’ king’s ransom!”

He’s not wrong.

And just to bring an extra seasonal spring to his step he’ll be delighted to know that this month we’ve reduced a whole flotilla of prices even more!

Take a gander:

  • Argentina mobiles 4p a minute
  • Austria: 1.5p a minute
  • Brazil Brasilia: 1p
  • Cyprus mobiles: 3p
  • Fiji mobiles: 10p
  • Kazakhstan: 4p
  • Kenya mobiles: 7p
  • Morocco: 1.5p
  • Pakistan: 4p
  • Poland mobiles: 5p
  • Syria: 6p
  • Uganda mobiles: 8p a minute

You can find out how much you’ll save compared with using BT by clicking though to the Cherry website and looking up the country you want to call.

And because we like to be helpful, clicking here will whiz you straight there. You’ll find all the country codes you need, too.

And, by the way, don’t forget OUR BRAND NEW access numbers

If you haven’t availed yourself of our services for a month or two you might not have realised we’ve got a brand new range of access numbers:

Price Band Access Number
1p/min 0843 715 4444
1.5p/min 0843 716 4444
2p/min 0843 717 4444
2.5p/min 0843 718 4444
3p/min 0843 719 4444
4p/min 0843 721 4444
5p/min 0843 723 4444
6p/min 0872 548 4444
7p/min 0872 549 4444
8p/min 0872 560 4444
9p/min 0872 561 4444
10p/min 0872 562 4444
15.3p/min 0913 150 4444
20.4p/min 0913 152 4444
25.5p/min 0913 153 4444
30.6p/min 0913 154 4444
35.7p/min 0913 155 4444
40.9p/min 0913 156 4444
46p/min 0913 157 4444
51.1p/min 0913 158 4444
61.3p/min 0913 159 4444
76.6p/min 0913 160 4444

And here’s a reminder what to do with it:

  1. Call (eg) 0844 717 4444 (from any phone!)
  2. You’ll then be asked to dial your regular international number including the international dialling code starting zero zero.
  3. Dial it, chat away to your heart’s content
  4. Hang up!
  5. Sigh with placid contentment at how much money you’ve saved by using Cherry Call instead of BT
  6. When you get your phone bill, you’ll see the Cherry number instead of the international one. And a small cost instead of a large one.

Give our access number to your friends, family, mistress, boss, doctor, lawyer, estate agent and chiropodist

And don’t forget to tell them that they can get these mega-whoppa savings any time they like, day, night, mornings, afternoons, weekends and workdays. From their landline, office line, phone box and mobile.

And you might as well mention that there are no passwords, pins, signups or any of that stuff to worry about either.

And if that doesn’t get their sap rising this spring, nothing will!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

PS I don’t want to go on and on about it, but please remember that the Cherry Call access numbers have changed!

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