Cherry Call Newsletter June 2013

Brand-new price cuts to over 40 international calling destinations

Hiya! If you’re a regular reader of the CherryCall newsletter you’ll know that it’s normally penned by our Managing Director, Robin James. But this month it’s down to yours truly to come up with the words of wisdom telling you about our latest fab deals on international phone calls.

I’m Loretta, Robin’s PA (actually all-round dogsbody, nursemaid and mother-replacement but don’t get me started) and he’s asked me to step in this month to tell you about some jolly special price reductions we’ve made on phone calls to some of the world’s less mainstream destinations, like Angola, Haiti and North Korea.

Well, I say ‘asked me to step in’ but the truth is a little different, between you and me. The official story is that he’s ‘somewhere in the West Indies’ taking a well-earned break from helming the CherryCall empire for a week or two. Recharge the batteries and all that.

Fact is he’s, how I can put it: gone off the rails. Lost the plot. Got a large bat loose in the belfry.

Slightly strange behaviour is, of course, par for the course for Mr J. Saluting his poster of the Queen and collecting Postman Pat memorabilia are well-documented eccentricities.

But we realised the stresses and strains of being an international telecoms magnate (his words, natch, not mine) were finally getting to him when he became convinced the office hat stand was Justin Beiber.

And asked for its autograph.

So last week, when he turned up at Cherry Towers wearing nothing but his wife’s floral dressing gown and a pair of green wellies, with a plantpot on his head, it was time to act.

A quick call on the iPhone to my big bruv in Harley Street and before you could say ‘private medicine’ two guys in white coats (really fit, actually) escorted Mr J off the premises and he’s now recovering well in a discreet (ie jolly expensive) rest-home for the bewildered in Skegness.

But anyway, mustn’t gossip, down to business. Mr Yashimoto, our Chief Boffin and I decided we’d give some of the world’s more obscure nations a crack of the whip this month and we’ve managed to make some whopping chops to calls to over 40 destinations.

Here are some as an eg:

  • Angola Mobiles Down to 6p a minute
  • Bangladesh Mobiles Down to 2p a minute
  • Cambodia Mobiles Down to 4p a minute
  • Cayman Islands landlines Down to 3p a minute
  • Czech Republic Mobiles Down to 2.5p a minute
  • Georgia Mobiles Down to 8p a minute
  • Ghana Mobiles Down to 13.3p a minute
  • Greenland Landlines Down to 35.7p a minute
  • Haiti Landlines Down to 18.4p a minute
  • Indonesia Landlines Down to 4p a minute
  • Jordan Landlines Down to 6p a minute
  • Kenya Mobiles Down to 8p a minute
  • Libya Landlines Down to 13.3p a minute
  • Malaysia Mobiles Down to 1.5p a minute
  • Niger Mobiles Down to 13.3p a minute
  • North Korea Landlines Down to 61.3p a minute
  • South Africa Mobiles Down to 8p a minute
  • Syria Mobiles Down to 10p a minute
  • Ukraine Mobiles Down to 6p a minute

And whilst they’re still not as cheap as the 0.5p and 1p a minute calls we offer to the USA and Europe, you’ll still save a huge amount compared with BT and all that lot.

You can find all the new prices at our website as usual. Just click here.

You probably know the ropes by now but, just in case. All you have to do is dial a special CherryCall access code before your usual international number. Remember to dial the zero zero too, exactly as you would normally.

You get these special access codes from the website, too. Click here to go there. Some of them have changed so if you’re a regular user, best to check.

We then whizz your call round the internet instead of it going through the satellites etc etc.

And when you get your next bill, the CherryCall call will show as the Cherry access number you dialled first, not the international number you dialled second, if you’re with me?

You can make some SERIOUS savings if you call overseas a lot. My flatmate Camilla’s boyfriend Rupert works for a hedge fund in the Caymans and she saves unbelievable amounts of dosh calling him with Cherry now. (But then she does go on a bit.)

It’s stupidly easy too. Even a dizzy redhead like me can do it (as Mr J would no doubt say).

Loretta de Cerise
PA to Robin James (and acting MD!)

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