Cherry Call Newsletter July 2011

Breaking news: BT international call customers hacked on massive scale

Sorry, did I say ‘hacked’?

Naturally, I meant ‘hacked off’. I do apologise. In all the excitement about the dear old News of the World and all that malarkey I may have gabbled my dictation to my PA, (the lovely Loretta de Cerise).

Of course anyone still using BT to call overseas would be forgiven for being less than cock-a-hoop about BT’s ludicrously high price for a quick chat with the rellies and chums out in the colonies.

Especially when, had they but known about Cherry Call’s fantastically cheap international call rates, they could have saved themselves enough dosh to buy a yacht, fill it with champagne and sail over to talk to their mates face to face. Well maybe they’d have to go easy on the fizz, but point made I trust.

Wapping reductions

Sorry, I mean ‘whopping’ reductions – do pay attention, Loretta (She does a bit of ‘artistic’ modelling on the side at the NoW and the potential loss of pocket money is clearly playing on her mind.) We’ve managed to put the squeeze on yet another hapless batch of call costs this month. Here’s a little snapshot of what’s on offer:

  • Austria mobiles – now only 2.5p a minute to call
  • Barbados – now only 3p a minute
  • Czech Republic mobiles – now just 5p
  • Fiji – down from 15p to 10p
  • Georgia – down to 1.5p
  • Grenada – slashed from 15p to 1.5p!
  • Iceland – down from 6p to just 1p
  • Indonesia mobiles – down to 2.5p
  • Kuwait – reduced to 2.5p
  • Kosovo – plummets from 20p to 4p
  • New Zealand mobiles – down to 7p
  • Slovenia – down from 8p to 1p
  • South Korea – was 6p now 1p
  • Swaziland – down from 15p a minute to just 3p

Go straight to a PC

No, not the shady copper lurking down the alley flogging off famous people’s phone numbers to seedy journos. I mean the grey box on your desk with the slightly grimy keyboard. The one you’re looking at right now will do.

You’ll need it to find the special Cherry Call number that opens the pandora’s box of savings that is our speciality:

  1. Go to Cherry (or click here) and look for the country you want to call.
  2. Find the Cherry Call number you need to dial when you call this country
  3. Call it and wait to hear a message along the lines of: “Thanks for using Cherry Call. Please enter the number you wish to dial”
  4. Now dial your full international number, remembering to include the international dialling code that begins with zero zero (00).
  5. So that’s: Cherry Call number, then 00, then the international number as normal.

And by the way, the call appears on your regular phone bill as the Cherry Call number, not the international number, plus you don’t need any PINs, sign-ins, sign-ons or passwords.

A public enquiry

Lots of people out there are jolly keen to find out how it is Cherry Call can offer the nation’s international chatterboxes such cheap calls all around the globe. Especially when beastly You Know Who (two letters, begins with B) gets away with daylight robbery day in day out.

It’s actually quite straightforward (although Cherry’s in-house computer boffins would have us believe otherwise).

We’re able to offer you these stupendous savings simply by sending your call around our own internet network. This allows us to cunningly bypass BT’s international system so don’t have to pay them. And therefore, dear customer, neither do you.

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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