Cherry Call Newsletter January 2015

A Christmas New Year gift for all our customers

Sorry it’s a bit late and all that. But when one is running an international mega-corporation dedicated to finding more and cheaper ways for our customers to phone overseas, stuff like Christmas and bank holidays and Easter just get forgotten about, I’m afraid.

It’s just how I am. If I think of a new way to get our overseas call prices any cheaper I really can’t concentrate on anything else until I get it up and running.

I know the formidable Mrs J was more than a touch miffed when she rummaged through the piles of pressies under our lovely red and turquoise christmas tree (£7.99 B&Q sale 2003), hunting for a label with her name on it like an overexcited porker searching for truffles in a leafy woodland grade.

The look she gave me when I explained I’d completely forgotten about her Christmas present would have dissolved the backbone of a weaker specimen than James R, I can tell you. But once I explained the reasons, from behind the stoutly-constructed and wife-proof pantry door, I think she understood that, sometimes, customers must come before sentiment.

And my gift to you all, belated as it is, is this. Another raft of superb price reductions on international calls FROM your mobile phone!

(I know a lot of you will have got a new mobile from Santa Claus. Loretta, my so-called PA, certainly has. She spends more time fondly gazing at it than she does applying herself to the daily cut and thrust of Cherry Call’s admin, for which she is handsomely paid. Apparently it’s an iPhone 62 FBV or something? Anyway it’s pink and apparently it does everything apart from make the tea. Which is a shame as getting a cuppa out of the lovely Loretta is a struggle at the best of times.)

Here’s the new batch of reduced per minute rates, hot off the Cherry press so to speak. As you can see we’ve cut the cost of calling to landlines and to mobiles. To get the rates for other destination countries CLICK HERE.

New per minute cost (pence)
Angola 6
Angola Mobile 6
Bangladesh 2.5
Bangladesh Mobile 2.5
Croatia Mobile 7
Fiji 15
Fiji Mobile 15
Iceland Mobile 3
Ireland Mobile 7
Ivory Coast 20
Jordan Mobile 10
Kazakhstan Mobile 7
Malta Mobile 3
Myanmar 18
Myanmar Mobile 18
Panama 3
Panama Mobile 12
Peru Mobile 7
Slovakia Mobile 10
South Africa Mobile 3
Swaziland Mobile 12
Taiwan Mobile 9
Uzbekistan Mobile 5
Vietnam Mobile 7

To make a Cherry Call from your mobile, you have to buy a fiver’s worth of credit first. (Sometimes this is called buying a Calling Card. No idea why. No cards involved whatsoever.)

In fact, all you do is send us a text. Text CHERRY to 68888 and we send you a PIN number and put £5 of credit on your phone. This appears on your regular mobile bill. To make your super-cheap overseas call, you just dial a special number 0161 328 2820 and enter your PIN before dialling your normal overseas number. The 0161 call should be covered by your normal monthly minutes allowance.

Almost forgot. You can use the Text service on any mobile network apart from Virgin. But, because we don’t want Virgin users to miss out on all these savings, you can use our pay online service instead. Click here for more on this.

Happy New year from everyone here at Cherry Towers.

Robin James

Managing Director

Cherry Call

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