Cherry Call Newsletter Feb 2015

I’ll miss Cherry Towers, it’s true, but it’s onwards and upwards for Britain’s leading provider of cheap international calls…

Those of you who regularly find a few moments to read my monthly excursions into print – or pixels I suppose, these days – will know that I am not one to fall back on the cliché. I am not one to dwell in the murky pools of sentimentality or linger in the backwaters of nostalgia and idle reminiscence.

Far from it. When one is leading the game in superbly cheap international phone calls provision for all and sundry, there is not a moment to waste on vain self-congratulation.

Not when there are still bargains to be created! Not when there is an opportunity still remaining to clinch a new cut-price deal or launch yet another game-changing bit of telephonic technology! If I had the power to stay awake 24 hours a day, rest assured that I would spend every moment in the search for ever-cheaper calls to every corner of this planet we call home.

(And, talking of which, I’ll get to our latest round of money saving marvels in a moment.)

But for just this once, I sincerely hope that you will forgive James R. for indulging in a fleeting moment of thoughtfulness as I watch my wife, the marvellously upholstered Mrs J, hoist the last packing case onto her back and trot down the old and friendly steps of Cherry Towers – en route, as they say, to our brand-spanking new office space.

You see, the truth is, I will miss the old place. I will always think of Cherry Towers as the birthplace of our empire.

After all, it was within these old, yellowing walls that I assembled my crack team of telecomms boffins led by our resident giant-brained genius, Mr Yashimoto. We saw that by sending your international calls round the then new-fangled internet, we could save you an absolutely monstrous amount on their cost.

(And poke a pointy metaphorical stick in the eyes of BT and the other big telecomms corporations to boot!)

One can’t help but chuckle when you think back to the big old grey lumps of IBM PC that our original charity-shop desks groaned under. Just look at my so-called Personal Assistant Loretta, there, gazing glassy-eyed at her pink, diamonte-encrusted i-tablet thingamabob. (Needless to say she is apparently deeply engrossed in some ludicrous social media website whilst the rest of us work up a healthy sweat moving our stuff to pastures now.) There’s more computing power in that little gizmo than all our original Cherry PCs put together! (And all of it utterly squandered on finding out what Giles and Caroline did on their latest weekend at Henley.)

But enough! Time moves on and so must we.

This office move has already cost us half a day of searching for new destinations to save you money on and I must, therefore, apologise that we only have a few new price busters for you this month. All the newly reduced prices are, of course, per minute and apply all day every day…


Guadeloupe Mobile Down to 2.5p
Guyana Down to 15.3p
Guyana Mobile Down to 18.4p
Kazakhstan Down to 1.5p
Liechtenstein Mobile Down to 18.4
Lithuania Mobile Down to 1.5p
Malaysia Mobile Down to 1p
Tanzania Down to 18.4p
Tanzania Mobile Down to 18.4p
Uganda Down to 13.3p


Click here to see all our very latest per minute costs to everywhere you can possibly think of. (And quite a few you probably couldn’t! Kiribati, for example!)

Remember, all you have to do to get these savings is dial a Cherry Call access phone number before your usual international number. Or if you’re calling from a mobile, simply send us a text to activate your call credit first. There are full details of what to do with each new call destination you click on.

And it’s a new destination for us. I’ll be turning the old brass key on Cherry Towers for the last time very shortly. But if you think that’s a hint of a salty tear you can see in the corner of my eye, rest assured it’s just the dust.

Robin James

Managing Director

Cherry Call

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