Cherry Call News October 2010

Hoorah for the commonwealth games! At last, something we might actually win at!

The stadium roof may have caved in, the footbridge may have collapsed and the track may be cracking up under the athletes’ feet but no matter…it’s all about the commonwealth, the empire, the queen (and the total absence of Americans, Germans and Russians who always nick our medals).

So with patriotic adrenaline now pulsing once more through our world-cup jaded arteries, why not pick up the phone and call your chums in those pink parts of the globe that are still waving a faded, threadbare remnant of the good old Union Jack!

Needless to say, super-cheap Cherry Call is the tops for the aforementioned commonwealth communication. Viz…

  • Call Australia for just 1p a minute – any time, any day
  • Call the Bahamas for just 2p a minute
  • Call Canada for 1p a min
  • Call India for 1.5p
  • Call Kenya for 6p
  • Call Malaysia for 1p
  • Call New Zealand for 1p
  • Call Nigeria for 5p
  • Call Pakistan for 5p
  • Call Singapore for 1p
  • Call South Africa for 2p
  • Call Zambia for 2.5p

In fact, call anywhere in the commonwealth (and indeed anywhere in the world) and you pay just a fraction of what you’ll pay with BT. Click here to get the very latest Cherry Call rates (they’re tumbling all the time, bargain hunters!)

Get gabbing to Gambia, Grenada, Guyana or Ghana

  1. Go to and get the super duper Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call
  2. Dial it and you’ll then hear a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number
  3. Now you need to dial the full international number, the whole lot including the international dialling code starting with 00 (zero zero).
  4. End the call in the normal manner (bye, so long, ta-ra, later etc. Any of these will do. And replace the handset).

How we call Tonga for less wonga

Remember, we’re able to bring you such mouthwateringly stupendous savings compared with BT because we rather cunningly divert your call via our own internet network (hoorah!). This means we don’t have to pay to use BT’s expensive international phone lines (hoorah! hoorah!) and therefore we can pass on the massive savings to you (hoorah! hoorah! hoorah!).

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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