Cherry Call News August 2010

Why getting unbelievably cheap overseas phone calls is, with Cherry Call, as easy as A B C. And, while we’re at it, D E and F to boot…

Remember those cute Jackson kids singing about ABC and 1,2, 3 and if memory serves, quite possibly Do, Re, Mi as well? They were, as far as I know, actually enlightening us as to how easy Love Can Be.

But they could have been warbling about Cherry Call – and how dialing a couple of numbers before your international call is the most ridiculously simple way to save yourself a pretty packet.

A is for Argentina – you can call there for just a penny a minute, any time of the day or night, any day of the year. Ditto Australia.

B is for Bahamas we’ve just reduced the cost of calling a a href=”/caribbean/phone_bahamas.jsp” title=”Cheap calls to Bahamas”>Bahamas Mobile from 8p to just 5p. Or you could call Belgium for 1p or Brazil for 1.5p.

C is for Colombia – now down to just 1.5p. Or Canada, just 1p.

D is for, oh never mind, I’m sure you’re getting the picture loud and clear by now: IT’S BLOOMIN’ CHEAP TO CALL EVERYWHERE WITH CHERRY CALL!

Unlike with some phone operators (beginning with, ooooh, say B? and maybe T?)

If you’ve used BT to make an international call recently, you have our deepest sympathy. Perhaps you forgot about Cherry Call due to a blow on the head or an overdose of summery pink plonk at a fashionable barbecue?

You’ll certainly have suffered a blow to your finances, that’s for sure! Happily, it’s a doddle to avoid them and their grasping charges.

Because when you use Cherry Call you take BT’s international network out of the equation. Your call is automatically diverted to our own internet network. So you just pay a couple of p rather than a couple of quid.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Here’s how easy peasy lemon squeezy it really is:

  1. Go to our website, and find the Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call. You can click here now to go straight there
  2. Call the number. You’ll hear a nice polite voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number.
  3. Now dial the full international number in the usual way, not forgetting the international dialling code that begins with zero zero.

That’s it! Could we make it any easier? Probably not. Could we make it any cheaper? Watch this space!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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