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Is it a half pee, 0.5p or a ha’penny? Whatever you call it, it’s the cheapest international call rate we’ve ever offered!

Mr Yashimoto, Cherry Call’s chief boffin and professor of all things telecom and money-saving, almost fell down the stairs in his haste to enter my office; his white lab coat flapping excitedly and his face, normally a model of concentrated intellectual implacability, was decidedly flushed.

It didn’t take the famous R James razor-sharp powers of perception and cogitation to recognise that something was, as they used to say in the old Sherlock Holmes yarns, afoot. (Although I imagine these days it would be around a third of a metre.)

My powers hadn’t failed me. Mr Y was clearly in a terrible tizz.

“Calm yourself Mr Y and spill the beans from that epic noddle of yours!” My soothing words had the appropriate effect and, normal service restored, Mr Yashimoto gave us the SP.

“Half a pee, Mr James! We can do international calls from landlines for just half a pee!”

Needless to say, even in a company famed for its constant technological innovation and ruthless price-slashing this was, as my flame-haired PA Loretta would doubtless say, a genuine jaw-dropper. Even Loretta herself, her tongue normally a constant blur of semi-coherent yakking was lost for words at this moment.

Yes, we’ve got the price down to just half a pee to all these countries:

  • Canada – Just 0.5p a minute
  • France – Just 0.5p a minute
  • Hungary – Just 0.5p a minute
  • Ireland – Just 0.5p a minute
  • Israel – Just 0.5p a minute
  • Italy – Just 0.5p a minute
  • Netherlands – Just 0.5p a minute
  • Sweden – Just 0.5p a minute
  • Venezuela – Just 0.5p a minute.

Now, as you can imagine, once I pictured the happy smiling faces of our beloved customers on hearing the news, I too was moved to a brisk slap of the thigh and a pat on Mr Y’s white-coated back.

But my brow soon became its normal thoughtful self. The question was plain: What on earth do we call a half pee? In my youth it was simply a ha’penny. Pronounced hay-pun-knee. Simple. But now we don’t even have a coin to give a name to. So is it a half a pee? Nought point five pee? A half penny? These are the questions leaders of industry like myself are toiling over every working hour. I’ll settle for 0.5p for the time being but, rest assured, I’ll not sleep tonight.

A new access code for your jotter

Oh yes, to get these 0.5p rates you simply have to dial the Cherry Call access number before your normal international number (including the 00). It now starts 0843 825 4444. To find all our latest calling rates and the access codes you need to call them, Click here.

“And we’ve cut the cost of calling from mobiles too, Mr James!”

Good grief, is there no end to the talents of Mr Yashimoto? Pray tell us more, we shouted with one voice. These are just a few of the choice tidbits that rolled off his tongue:

  • China – Reduced to 2p a minute
  • Denmark mobiles – Reduced to 4p a minute
  • Hungary – Reduced to 1p a minute
  • Jamaica – Reduced to 8p a minute
  • Kuwait – Reduced to 10p a minute
  • Norway mobiles – Reduced to 5p a minute
  • Peru – Reduced to 1.5p a minute
  • South African mobiles – Reduced to 9p a minute
  • Venezuela mobiles – Reduced to 4p a minute

Of course, to get these savings from your mobile you have to buy £5 credit up front. This costs £5 (surprise!) plus the cost of one text. Just text CHERRY to 68888. Then dial 0161 328 2820 followed by your usual international number using the PIN we’ll text back to you. To find out how much the call will cost, click here.

And if all that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, Loretta my PA asks me to remind you that it’s international Mothers’ Day next Sunday, 12th May. In other words, it’s mothers’ day just about everywhere apart from here in the UK. So if your mum’s overseas, give the old dear a treat and get on the blower. Using Cherry Call, of course.

Robin James
MD Cherry Call

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