Cherry Call February 2012 News

Fetch me the company atlas, Loretta, it seems to have slipped my mind where Comoros and Mayotte is…

…or, indeed, are.

Here at Cherry Towers we pride ourselves on our constant quest to bring you overseas call costs to just about anywhere (and everywhere) that you could possibly want to call.

But, though I say so myself, this month the techno-boffins upstairs have really gone to town on the more recherche nations of the earth in their relentless hunt for hyper-hot savings.

Even my glamorous and (much as I hate to admit it) highly intelligent assistant Loretta de Cerise, with her frankly uncanny knowledge of obscure telephonic geography, was forced to raise her most quizzical eyebrow at some of this month’s savers.

Aruba! Sounds exactly like the sort of thing one might cry inadvertently when one discovers you can save a giant pile of wonga compared with BT’s ludicrous overseas call charges.

But is in fact an island in the Caribbean, just north of Venezuela. And we’ve knocked 2p off the cost of calling mobiles there! Aruba! (See what I mean?)

Loretta please don’t roll your eyes like that; it’s a most unattractive trait.

Comoros and Mayotte? Islands again, this time a stone’s throw from Madagascar but also subject to a 2p per min price cut.

But in case you’re thinking “that’s all very well and good, Robin, but actually I want to get on the blower and save a packet simultaneously to somewhere a little less off the beaten whatsit”, then worry-not…

Here are just a fraction of the more familiar destinations we’ve reduced our call costs to this month:

  • Afghanistan, down 2p a minute
  • Brunei, now just 1p a minute
  • Fiji, down 2p a minute
  • Germany mobiles, now just 1p a minute
  • Ghana, down 2p
  • Jamaica mobiles, again down 2p
  • Niger, down 2p
  • Russia mobile, down to just 4p
  • South Sudan, again down 2p

Don’t forget, these are just a few of our very latest REDUCTIONS – many of our destinations are still pegged at a superbly wallet-friendly 1p or 1.5p a minute, including most of Europe, the USA, China and Japan.

To see all our up-to-date call prices, CLICK HERE

But to see how jolly effectively all this geographical theory stuff works in the real world (now matter how obscure a portion thereof), you need to do no more than pick up the nearest blower and get yourself a-dialling forthwith.

  1. Go to Cherry and get the special Cherry Call phone number to ring for the country you want to call.
  2. Dial it and wait to hear a message: “Thanks for using Cherry Call. Please enter the number you wish to dial”
  3. Now dial the full international number, remembering to include the international dialling code that begins with zero zero (00).

For example: to call a number in the US you dial the Cherry code number first: 0843 715 4444 (the number for America). Wait for the second prompt then dial the whole US number in the normal way (just as if you were using BT, for example! Grrrrrr!) The call then appears on your regular phone bill as the Cherry Call number, not the international number. And for 1p a minute!

Come on then Miss Loretta de-smarty-pants. Where’s Myanmar then? It’s down 2p this month. And don’t sigh like that. What! It’s the proper name for Burma? Really? Have you heard the expression “too clever by half?”.

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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